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Disappointment, loss, dishonesty, failure – International – People’s Republic of China in 2016 the United States presidential election is controversial, the majority of voters discontent and uncertainty about the future suddenly increased. Americans on the streets of Cleveland, holding banners protesting biased media. Newspaper reporter Zhang Niansheng photo of the United States gathered in the streets of Philadelphia to protest against capitalism. Newspaper reporter Zhang Niansheng photo election far away from me. I don’t care who gets elected, because no one gets elected. For me, the most important thing is to pay 240 dollars a week for each of the two children to live on, and they count on me to support it." 47 year old David told this reporter. David, an African American, worked as a nurse at a hospital in Houston, 6 days a week, working for about 12 hours a day. David went to college, but because he could not afford the tuition, soon dropped out. Later married and had children, about 6 years ago divorced, still single. A son and a daughter with ex-wife, live outside the 1100 km Missouri kansas. He rented a small apartment, no TV, a bed, a radio, a game machine, is all his belongings. Houston, about 2000000 of the population, health care, oil and energy and aerospace are the three pillar industries. Reporters live in the hotel near the medical center, across from several hospitals. David said that many of his nurse colleagues are not too interested in the election, they are more concerned about their work can continue, the family can maintain. The strange phenomenon — the political correctness, emerge in an endless stream of anti anti immigration, anti globalization is both popular extreme expression of the hotel’s restaurants or lobby, television has been playing on the general election program, is also a continuation of the vice presidential candidate debate topic, but few passengers really watch. "The vice presidential debate is a messy argument, not an inspiring one." The essence of "Washington Post" columnist, Georgetown University professor E.J. Dion said: "the debate. Since June opening date, the U.S. presidential election emerge in an endless stream to show the "chaos" or "strange phenomenon": the extreme rhetoric against political correctness, anti immigration, anti globalization is popular; many Republican public statements of support for Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton?; mainstream media overwhelmingly support Clinton, even attacked Trump. The traditional Republican "Dallas morning news" "Houston Chronicle" "Arizona Republic" "Cincinnati Enquirer" and other influential local newspapers, also uncharacteristically support Clinton, but the wave of public opinion but failed to block the outlet and the rise of Trump; the two presidential candidates criticized each other constantly out of Russia, intelligence the Department said that Russia is directly involved in the U.S. presidential election…… So, dizzying, dazzling. When the reporter on this election with the previous difference consult senior fellow, Becker Institute of Rice University tracked American election years of Mark? Jones, he said: "the selection method has not changed, the campaign)相关的主题文章: