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Ding Xueliang: the wrath of the political world, panic Trump era, meet the global academic observation [Abstract] Trump came to power, more than half of the world panic, you read many large media can detect. His previous win glory in battle is similar to the rash and too much in haste to go, then Hitler and Mussolini road. The author: Ding Xueliang (Professor of sociology at Hong Kong University Science & Technology) global mainstream media reported so far the most commonly used argument analysis of American presidential election session, is called "Politics of Anger Politics of Despair", or "angry political, political out of despair". Now in the deconstruction of "Trump abnormal Malatang era!" Before, let us remind you of a cold allusion. After the Second World War, the international social science and history subject to a prolonged, repeated mining is to explore why Hitler and Mussolini came to power in Germany and Italy, their countries, Europe and the world into a turmoil inside and outside the painful consequences? The standard answer made in accordance with the dogmatism (mainly Soviet propaganda products) is to vigorously support, the strong rise of the two big spoiler master attributed to the "monopoly capitalism group". However, more realistic, but peel, carefully to pursue many aspects of the social economic and cultural soil of Nazi movement and fascist movement in Italy, left to future generations is extremely heavy but extremely useful lessons (Ephesians · Caston: "fascism" the rise of the Commercial Press, 1989 edition). Today we are going to have a clear understanding of the "Trump era"!" In this regard, definitely not to. Today we are going to have a clear understanding of the "Trump era"!" In this regard, definitely not to. A, "anti politician" social support while the United States domestic elite (not to mention other western developed countries), whether academic, media, finance, politics, law, culture, entertainment and sports, most of the members are strongly criticized Trump, a public statement does not support he ran for president, but the big spoiler are booming a big cut big kill, straight to the office of the president of the gate, or not to be optimistic, but the final finishing touches into the White House door. His stiff on the presidency, was not corrupt capitalist consortium, professional circles more than for these services consortium. What are the basic aspects of Trump’s social support? Integrated several months of various polls and media interviews, the spoiler names most hardcore supporters groups, from the social background and economic class, was with him almost completely opposite people who are not highly educated white men, blue collar workers, economic status is increasingly marginalized, lose hope for the future, love the gunman, evangelical faith is strong, live in relatively poor old industrial city or rural areas, rarely intervene in international affairs or rare living abroad and tourism experience. We apply the Chinese people saying, "dork". What are the basic social support of Trump.相关的主题文章: