Derailment crisis management Yang Mi out of the Hawick Lau failed to pass the test of

Derailed crisis management: Yang Mi out of the text of the text of the Sina Wang Ou failed to boil water entertainment fat and so on the interpretation of the events of the incident, has become a show of crisis management revelation of the record of the world, such as. November 15th, Wang Ou brokers first circle of friends to respond to questions. After a lapse of nearly a week at their own time to respond to should be counted as "negative typical crisis public relations". In fact, this is much too late to respond to emotional response, soon by netizens laugh. At the same time, Hawick Lau Liu Yan at micro-blog net exposure, said "you never play at night? Like you have a script." This is a screenshot immediately triggered hot, two seemingly tear open show will be staged. But after investigation, this micro-blog screenshot is P. The tree is calm and the wind is more than. Negative public opinion continued to bring pressure on Hawick Lau, in the mobile Internet era, people can not hide. However, behind the crisis, we have to understand how much of the crisis management track artists? Overall, has spent the peak of spreading but aftermath constantly because of entertainment events, crisis management and speculation that the reality and imagination coexist, for the public to provide a more complex observation sample. Why Wang Oufang late response is a typical failure to deal with the crisis? Why did Hawick Lau set up a collapse is a gradual development curve? Why Yang Mi in the event of crisis response can be called showbiz crisis management textbooks? Explore three aspects of the same crisis to deal with the crisis, as well as the effect of crisis response, which is the starting point of our curiosity. As a result, we can understand, what is the correct attitude of the crisis management?   why did Wang Ou’s crisis management become a textbook? Wang Oufang in the event of crisis public relations, is a capital of the head, every step of development almost at the event, they left the most wrong to deal with failure. The so-called star crisis management, does not mean that the star out of the negative news out of the rapid public relations, it will be able to defuse the crisis. Crisis public relations, not so simple, because for each star, even in the same crisis, the crisis encountered, not the same. So for Wang Ou, to understand what happened in the crisis in the event of what is the first step to defuse the crisis, Hawick Lau. But the biggest crisis has three points: first, bring the script of Hawick Lau with luminous image crisis; second, there lived with Zhang Ge, and the derivative of the image crisis triggered by the event; third, the incident may trigger speculation suspicions. The main response to Wang Ou’s three times: the first is in the evening of November 9th, Wang Ou sent a micro-blog intention should be 42 pounds, easily respond to display a clear conscience, let the natural event page. The answer to this crisis is that Mr Wang Oufang apparently underestimated the intensity of the event. The right choice at this stage, or a strong response to the public or silent, waiting for the Hawick Lau party unified clarification, and relaxed in response to Wang Ou "can you play" to become the most failed to deal with. To make matters worse, then micro-blog showed: Wang Ou deleted back相关的主题文章: