Department of orthopedics, Beijing Hospital, Professor Sun Chang elderly people suddenly low back

The Department of orthopedics of Beijing Hospital Professor Sun too often: the elderly sudden lumbago, vertebral compression fractures – careful Sohu unexpected health a few days ago, 70 year old Zhang aunt always feel back pain, even turning to the bed, his family rushed her to the Beijing Hospital. Magnetic resonance examination confirmed that the original compression fracture of the lumbar spine, if not treated in time, may cause more serious consequences. Department of orthopedics, sun Professor too often in the past few days and asked whether there have been violent activities, Aunt Zhang said only about a bucket of water, dragged it could sweep the floor, fracture. What’s going on here? Small to find experts to give us science ~ sun too often, chief physician, MD, deputy director of the Department of orthopedics of Beijing Hospital, spine group leader, Professor of Peking University Health Science Center, the central health care expert consultation. He is also the chairman of the elderly spine surgery group of the Chinese medical association. Chinese Elderly Association vice chairman of the joint Specialized Committee spinal Department of orthopedics department of orthopedics, branch of minimally invasive group members of the Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association Department of orthopedics branch spine group member, lumbar spine and spinal cord Specialized Committee study group members China rehabilitation medicine. International spinal reconstruction Committee, "China spinal cord" of the "Journal of spine surgery. Spine surgery, spine surgery. Osteoporotic fracture is caused by osteoporosis, bone density and bone quality decreased, bone strength decreased, in the daily activities of mild stress can fracture. Osteoporotic fractures occur in the elderly, especially in postmenopausal women. Mild stress 1 elderly can happen too often introduces professor Sun spinal Department of orthopedics: fracture of osteoporotic vertebral fracture in this disease is more subtle, old people don’t like young people have the same injury history, such as riding fell, or traffic accidents have caused injury, people immediately think of is not broken; elderly human spine fracture is often no obvious reason, suddenly the pain. Because the elderly itself due to degenerative changes or a bone spur, spinal stenosis, lumbar disc herniation, often have chronic back pain, low back pain and suddenly ill, it’s natural to think is not made of lumbar disc herniation, compression fracture is generally not thought. Why do doctors think of fractures? Because seventy or eighty years old people, osteoporosis is quite obvious, but the old people are not aware of this problem, inexperienced doctors are likely to suddenly elderly lumbago as lumbar disc herniation and spinal stenosis, give some medicine let patients go home. In fact, osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures of the low back pain is special, that is difficult to turn over, or get up when the bed is particularly painful, and the general low back pain without this feature, when what position will be pain." Professor Sun special note: the elderly are particularly vulnerable to fractures, especially spinal fractures, the characteristics are very obvious, namely sudden back pain. The elderly suddenly fell, carrying heavy objects, and sometimes even a cold cough a few times, such as in the daily life of mild stress, are likely to lead to vertebral compression fractures. Therefore, the elderly must be caused by sudden low back Peng相关的主题文章: