Decoration companies have not yet completed the foot of the dozens of owners in Chengdu embarrassmen denka

The decoration is not finished decoration company in Chengdu dozens of owners run away in case of embarrassment – Beijing, September 8th, "one promise daughter" decoration company locked the door. Chengdu public Deng and other dozens of owners, in order to decorate the house, it was frustrating miserable: in July of this year, he paid sixty thousand yuan for a company called "good" decoration company, agreed by the other contracting package materials. Who knows, the renovation process is particularly slow, two months ago, before laying a room floor…… This is not as good as gold, at the beginning of September, the company has gone, the boss run away, leaving a group of stunned owners and suppliers…… More than Mr. Deng, there are dozens of owners suffered the same embarrassment: the decoration is not finished, the decoration company on foot, but also owed a lot of material suppliers. Currently, the district police have been involved in the investigation. Chengdu, Pixian, a new owner of the new premises to install only half of the decoration company has closed. Embarrassed at first. The decoration company run away the saved money for years, Chengdu public Deng, finally determined, in Pixian town red bought a house of more than and 90 square meters, three sets of small houses, new houses decoration. Since July this year, there have been a decoration company called him, known as a "good" decoration company, attracted his attention. "A set of three houses, in addition to other home appliances, the company responsible for the decoration, as long as the more than 60 thousand, really cheap." In July 6th, in order to finalize the renovation, he also devoted to the investigation into the city, is located in the River Road No. 59 the home decoration company site, "looks good!" So, Mr. Deng soon and decoration company signed a contract, agreed by the company responsible for all floors, ceiling and wall decoration in addition to home appliances, Mr. Deng will pay 50 thousand yuan in advance, the remaining ten thousand yuan payments, and other decoration end to pay. From the beginning of July, the official entrance of the decoration team, Mr. Deng occasionally look at the decoration process. But soon he found the wrong, "decoration for more than a month, before the shop floor of a room, the rest of the walls, floors have not started, it is too slow, right?" He said. So he did not think that, in early September, is no longer the venue decoration decoration team, he asked to know the decoration decoration company had run away, get the money, it was shut down. Mr. Deng rushed to the company, the company has long been empty, the house is a mess, the company staff to contact the past, you can not contact. Chengdu dozens of owners cheated, the police have been involved in the investigation disappear overnight decoration company deserted on September 8th morning, the WCC reporter also came to the river Chengdu Road, Qingyang District No. 59, found "credible" decoration company on the 12 floor, but several import and export has locked, you can see through the glass, the house is a mess. Daily economic news reporter noted that the decoration company is not small, just the entrance, there are 5 doors. Many owners told reporters that the renovation of the company’s office space, at least three hundred square meters, sales staff, administration, customer service, not less than the number 20. Reporters call the company advertising a phone on the list, Lei相关的主题文章: