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"Dear princess disease" not only toxic also burst the heart of girl –   entertainment Sohu;   Sohu (Maozi Wen Wu entertainment leaves Sanyang planning) produced by the Sohu video, Zhang Yuxi, Thailand male idol Mike in self-made drama "dear princess," [opera] disease, is the Sohu broadcast video alone. As a "anti marysue routine" idol, "dear princess," disease style is elegant, only six episodes aired on the network has a full harvest "Tucao value": "the woman coquettish bitch" from the "white lotus" female two…… Many netizens said micro-blog "the poison" and "chase" Princess disease "since the world is slowly broken"…… In addition to the high frequency Tucao point, "dear princess," the girl in the full level of disease elements also made a lot of friends feel more, pink room, lovely jewelry, adorable dead plot, ashamed dead lines…… Seal the girl for heart, said Liao was swept up. "Pink element" + fashion wear open to open the heart of the world is said to have a heart of hearts, every male has a pink heart. Pink, as an essential color for a girl’s heart, appears in almost all of the same films. "Dear, Princess disease" will undoubtedly play to the extreme. First, the heroine Lin Xingchen’s room for a lot of people eye-opening. Classic European Princess Room decoration style, for fear that the audience does not know the identity of the daughter of wealthy actress. In the "Princess theme" in the room, you can hardly find a "pink", "pink" color, in addition to the table in a heap of cosmetics, pink sofa, white sheets, pink decorations filled the room, even sitting in the heroine is pink. The princess’s room is almost impossible to find a pink color other than   and this is the theme color throughout the whole drama of the story: women used to book is pink skirt, running out of sports wear is pink, and even go to the bookstore to see manga, wearing the hat and duck tongue pink, is perfect to achieve "the pink armed to the teeth". Female owner pink armed to the teeth of   the heroine for pink make people across the screen can feel her spill Princess fan, also releasing a lot of girls girls hearts. Of course, as a "Princess", the only pink is not enough, "dear princess," in a variety of disease women’s single product is also under a lot of effort: yiyanbuge enters the diamond crown, full of Disney style dress, and a Yuxi to set a trouble, nearly ten sets of speed update the clothing…… After the end of this drama to estimate how many girls can learn clothing collocation skills, a solid foundation for Chinese lay up. All the main female single product is princess   cry adorable polebear burst girl heart want girl heart explosion, only the visual impact is not enough, "dear princess," in disease plot is also a lot of effort, almost will diffuse in the shame, girls all Meng Meng, sweet plot covered in Guangzhou相关的主题文章: