Deal with heavy pollution weather in Shanxi 9 cities start heavy pollution weather emergency warning

Deal with heavy pollution weather in Shanxi 9 cities start heavy pollution weather emergency warning

January 14th, another round of heavy pollution weather swept through our province. January 17th, the provincial environmental protection department issued a message, in response to the heavy pollution weather, the province’s 9 cities start heavy pollution weather emergency warning, as of now, the province’s thousands of companies have discontinued.

in November last year to enter the heating season, the heavy pollution weather in Shanxi Province, in January 14th of this year, another round of heavy pollution swept across the province. According to the provincial environmental monitoring center station and China environmental monitoring station, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau forecast and analysis consultation results, from January 14th to January 18th, affected by adverse weather conditions, there may be heavy pollution weather in central and southern areas of our province, the province of Taiyuan, Xinzhou, to Jinzhong, Yangquan, Changzhi, Jincheng, Linfen, Yuncheng City, the air quality in Linfen may be 4 days to reach more severe pollution and continuous, and may lead to serious pollution of more than 2 days, Taiyuan, Yuncheng air quality may be 3 days to reach more severe pollution and continuous, and may be 1 days of serious pollution.

January 13th, the provincial Office of the atmosphere in a timely manner to Linfen, Taiyuan, Yuncheng, Xinzhou, Jinzhong, Yangquan, Changzhi, Jincheng and other cities issued third orders this year.

received orders to dispatch, Linfen, Taiyuan, Yuncheng 3 cities in January 13th launched the corresponding level of emergency plans. Among them, Linfen city in January 13th by 12:13 weather heavy pollution yellow warning upgraded to red alert, the single motor vehicle limit line measures and implementation in January 13th 19; Taiyuan city in January 13th 18 issued a response to the 24 orange orange signal warning, starting in January 13th; Yuncheng city in January 13th 24 to start the orange signal warning.

up to now, our province has a total of 9 city start heavy pollution weather emergency warning, in addition to Linfen, Taiyuan, Yuncheng 3 cities, Yangquan city to upgrade from a yellow warning for Xinzhou, orange signal warning, Jinzhong, Shuozhou, Lvliang 4 city launched a yellow warning, Changzhi city issued a blue warning. Other cities are also in strict accordance with the requirements of emergency plans, and actively respond to heavy pollution weather.

, countermeasures

Taiyuan : since January 14th start orange signal warning 266 enterprises, total production, limited production of 47 enterprises, 132 site downtime. The municipal government has set up 5 groups of inspectors, urban counties government are composed of 3 to 4 groups of inspectors to inspect the implementation of emission reduction measures. The city dispatched a total of 260 people, check the enterprise 238, the site of the 369. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau in conjunction with the district government, the Development Zone, the implementation of key industries and enterprises limiting the production of key industries, iron and steel, coking, chemical reduction of 30% – 50% operation load, cement production enterprises, ceramics, glass, refractories, building materials, iron alloy, magnesium metal, casting and other production enterprises. City Management Committee, municipal construction committee, Municipal Gardens Bureau, municipal water authority, municipal environmental sanitation bureau and the city government, the Development Zone CMC negative >