Daughter control! Yang Mi exposes himself to go home with a small glutinous rice-superrecovery

Daughter control! Yang Mi exposes a free home with a small glutinous rice Yang Mi in "really male" Sina entertainment news program of national defense education 2 "real man" is Hunan TV hit, this week, Yang Mi [micro-blog] because the phone interaction with her daughter on the show friends much attention over the phone small glutinous small voice said "Mommy. I love you" is more adorable of all the users, to make small glutinous rice voice onto micro-blog hot search. When it comes to small glutinous rice, love can not block the face of Yang Mi. Yang Mi said that this wave of work is over, she will go back to Hongkong for some time, with family. Yang Mi also with friends to share with her daughter’s daily interaction of small glutinous rice. Yang Mi said, every time go out for a long time, and then go home, small glutinous rice will say to her, "is mother?" The work is very busy, Yang Mi said she did not work at the time she was at home with her daughter, but did not share with you through the network, you can not see me, in fact, I have to stay at home. Work occupies a lot of space, their time is very small. So I sent her (small glutinous rice) to school today, she ate this today, I bought her a dress, and so on, this thing I do not want to share with you every time, when I have time I will go home." (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章: