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Data control: Jeremy efficiency super Lori Rubio no he can’t play sports nets – Sohu Beijing on November 4, 2016 news, the starting point guard Jeremy Lin Broolyn left leg for hamstring muscle injury, will be out at least two weeks. Jeremy Lin of the season in the nets played very well in his 5 game all the starting lineup, games are played 26.8 minutes and 15 points and 3.8 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.4 steals, shot 44.8%, two ball hit rate is 51.3% in scoring, assists, rebounds, shooting, shooting rate, two ball the hit rate is personal single season record. This season Jeremy Lin’s PER value is as high as 22.7, with deviation from the value reached 4.3, it can be said that Jeremy Lin is the most important player. Two weeks, Jeremy meant to be sidelined for at least 7-8 games. For the nets, they are very weak point guard. Statistical data from hoopsstats, the spillover efficiency at the point guard position value of -6.2, in the league only ranked twenty-third. The players point guard position minutes Jeremy Lin White Vazquez Kilpatrick from seeing the black nets point guard on the personal data in the nets, Jeremy Lin efficiency value of 16.8, ranked fourteenth League, and Brad Alfonso Conley, this data is a level of efficiency, Bilangduo, Lori, Williams, Rubio’s value is better. However, the other two guard: Whitehead efficiency is only 2, Vasquez efficiency is only 2.7, and the gas is still in the state of injury. Jeremy Lin to the nets how important? Data show that when he is present, the nets hundred round attack efficiency reached 109.3, effective hit rate of 52.3%, but once he after the end, the attack efficiency is only 99.1, valid hit rate also dropped to 46.7%. What is the concept? There is the case of Jeremy Lin, the nets offense is the 8 level league, once he end, the team just 5 from the level of alliance. On the defensive end, Jeremy Lin can also provide hundreds of round 0.7 points points, so he brought round this season 100 points to 10.8 points. A piston is an obvious example: half the nets scored a total of 71 points, but the second half Jeremy exit, the nets half only got 38 points. Jeremy Lin this season assists rate as high as 38.2%, the total number of assists for 31 times, with 8 teammates have been his assists, including Berg Bogdanovic, Booker was assists 7 times, Hamilton, Lopez and Harris were set up 4 times, Kilpatrick was 3 assists. In addition to Jeremy Lin, the nets team assists the highest only Hollis Jefferson 12 times. Jeremy Lin in the pick and roll play this season’s performance is very good, from a statistical point of view, he has a 44.4% round pick and roll is completed by the attack, received a total of 37 points, ranked fifth in the league, he is more than 4 people: Lillard, harden, Westbrook and Leonard. Jeremy Lin per turn.相关的主题文章: