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Data Cleansing and scrubbing data and establish a dataset or table on the right is an act of fraud or false bewails. Vale companies sell to businesses and offer them to the database with data cleaning service to generate sales. Data cleaning business-to-date and correct information to help keep. After cleaning, the dataset in the system is compatible with other similar data sets can be removed if all consistencies. Removing typographical errors, and data validation is also included. Data manipulation, statistical methods, parsing (syntax error detection) and the known techniques such as the elimination of duplicate data will be used for cleaning. Nice and clean data must meet the following criteria: Integrity, density and stability, including: accuracy. 1. Completeness of the missing data must be corrected. 2. Density and the total number of data values omitted in the ratio of prices should be well known. 3. Consistency: Challenges and phrases dealing with differences. 4. Consistency: focuses on irregularities or indiscretions. 5. Integrity: a combined value of the completeness and correctness criteria. 6. Uniqueness: is related to the number of duplicate data. Data cleaning maid services are offered by most companies: 1. Removal of duplicate ideas. 2. Tagging and identification of a single record or facts. 3. Forged and removal of false evidence. 4. Data verification. Delete old records. 1. Removal sequence comparison and opt-in and opt out – third party a list of facts. 2. Data cleaning, aggregation and organization. 3. Identify incomplete or incorrect facts or figures. 4. Improving data including product specifications, ordering and assembling metaphors. 5. Duplicate data or figures, which many see as similar to the finished plate. There are common challenges for data cleaning applications: 1. Often there is a loss of information in the data. No doubt, are invalid and duplicate entries removed but often the information is limited and insufficient for a number of entries. It also leads to a loss of information should be removed. 2. Data cleaning is very expensive and time consuming. So it is important to effectively enforce. Fortunately, the benefits worth more than more than challenges. Thanks to this, most companies have this activity and led to the growing importance of the application. Prevents errors in the sense that the series of the company must also present. Ten finally, the data integrity of a combination of thoroughness and completeness criteria. If the above criteria are met, ensure that the dataset is in the best shape. In addition to the benefits that companies get the data cleaning services, there are also problems in the data cleaning. Occasionally, some data is lost due to the abolition of limited information. 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