Curry a 3 cut with 30+ to realize it until (video)-t420s

Curry: a 3 cut with 30+ to achieve [collection] after it till the sun 120-133 warrior splash brothers to Biao unreasonable three points of the 30 points in November 14th Tencent sports news today warriors home court opponent 133-120 sun, won four straight, four giant warriors with 103 points, including 30 points, Thompson Cooley 30 points, Durant 29 points, they almost finished with 3 cut 30+ feat. Today the last moment splash brother cut 60 points Durant in today’s game, the chance to score his three points again, the final ball not in the sun, grabbed the rebound, then the game is over. After the bank said: "I was not aware that in order to do this, but I really let Durant hurt, because he missed an open shot, then in the house all the people stood up, I stand in the first half, holding hands, ready to celebrate, but I will keep this to realize." After the game Kevin – Durant said: the players in the game as much as possible in the end of the ball into my hands, the fans are cheering refueling, I can feel the energy of our home today". When Durant finally shot the three ball, the warriors home court fans all stood up to cheer, but unfortunately the results, just a point to complete the feat, game, Durant played 38 minutes, 21 throw in 10, scored 29 points with 9 rebounds and 5 assists. Another big Green is playing 37 minutes, made a contribution to the whole, get a score of 7 rebounds and 11 assists in 14. After the game, Curitiba in their social media Instagram drying out a photo, he and Green on the court held each other in each other’s backs, Curitiba wrote: "the game will not always be so wonderful, but we will always support each other." (Li Chun) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: