Cui Yongyuan blasted the shell network Science of female college students to cheat

Cui Yongyuan blasted the shell network: Science of female college students to cheat

look at the famous host Cui Yongyuan nearly two days micro-blog found Emihiro Hiroshi the main spirit of the Association for science and technology, @ snow have been its condemnation and criticism.


1 the morning of 14 August, Cui Yongyuan micro-blog claimed that China hit twenty million year cast shell network, pushing the main players @ snow spirit, the players do the science students of China Agricultural University female students bed.


by micro-blog search found, "snow in the spirit of" micro-blog certification is "nutshell network science author", and its response to 14 days later to Cui Yongyuan micro-blog.

the snow Ling said, before the mistake has been to admit and apologize, but do not accept the rumors and allegations of entrainment contraband and exaggeration.

he said, he did not happen with the girls; girls "school" is a rumor; "a lot of content in the black material" is too exaggerated and interpret out of context.

The reason, Cui Yongyuan on micro-blog’s

said he is defeated in the debate because of Cui and, while this petty.


ultimately, Cui Yongyuan and the spirit of the snow or because of contradiction in transgenic position is different.

Cui Yongyuan is a strong reversal of gene doctrine, had fled to Japan high streets and back lanes, also for genetically modified market research. In addition, Cui Yongyuan went to the United States to investigate the acquisition of transgenic documentary to get a lot of browsing and forwarding.

and the spirit of the concept of "snow had sent trace transgenic rice" Capriccio (CCTV "News Probe" in a program) micro-blog, "Cui Yongyuan the content mentioned in the ‘documentary’ is not reliable.


also had satirical Cui Yongyuan is "reversal warrior conscience" the one on the "pesticide residue salt" reports and repeatedly forwarded Cui Yongyuan of "science", the irony of Cui Yongyuan does not have the basic knowledge of chemistry.

in addition, the media to take Cui Yongyuan’s reversal of the documentary film with the Chinese version of the "dome" under the same name is an insult to the Jing Chai of the.


later, Cui Yongyuan in a micro-blog top human flesh information, is the spirit of the snow, the information contained in its real name, nationality, date of birth, education, occupation and mailbox information etc.. This shows the depth of the contradictions between the two.


Cui Yongyuan at micro-blog mentioned in the snow of the spirit of female students to cheat, a netizen had introduced neutral on the matter.

the netizen said, from the beginning in the spirit of the female students cheated snow track bed of a thing, this may be true, but there are other parts of the body to give girls.