Cui Shunshi should be Korean prosecutors summoned to accept the investigation of apology claiming

Cui Shunshi should be Korean prosecutors summoned to accept the investigation of apology claiming to be a capital offense: Cui Shunshi original title: "please forgive me sorry, national, I made the death Shunshi Cui black hat, black scarf and sunglasses [global network reported South Korean" Korean Daily "reported in October 31, September 3rd to Germany to avoid the limelight Cui Shunshi appeared today in South korea. 31 at about 3 in the afternoon, Cui Shunshi appeared in Seoul central local Procuratorate, prosecutors should be summoned to investigate. Reported that more than 300 reporters gathered in the procuratorate. In the face of the media, Cui Shunshi did not answer the questions of reporters on the spot. Angry citizens chanted for 15 minutes". The media followed the elevator to the investigation room. Cui Shunshi wearing a black hat, black scarf and sunglasses choked and said: "please forgive my fellow citizens. I’m sorry. I made my death." Cui 30 suddenly returned home. After the Korean media began to report and their own news, Cui Shunshi immediately went to Germany to avoid the limelight, after a lapse of 57 days to return home, she said, if the prosecution summoned, I will attend after a period of 4 days. Daughter Zheng Youla (sound, 20 years old) and did not return home with Cui Shunshi. Reported that the Seoul Central District procuratorate Cui Shunshi special search headquarters on the day of the press conference said: "Choi at 7:30 in the morning aboard British Airways flight from Heathrow Airport to return home." After arriving at the airport, Cui Shunshi and wearing a suit waiting for their 4 people by car to leave. Prosecutors informed by the entry procedures to know the return of Cui Shunshi, but did not take measures to protect their personal safety. South Korean prosecutors originally said "not immediately summoned Cuimou plan", but "immediately arrested Cui Shunshi" public opinion is very strong, the prosecution change position, informed Cui Shunshi as of 31 PM 3 points to the procuratorate investigation. As a lawyer in Li Jing Cui Shunshi (sound) said: "Cui will actively cooperate with the prosecution investigation, wholly intact statement of fact." The prosecution on the day of the month to the K 5-6 Sports consortium 7 billion won, 2 Lotte executives were investigated after recovery. 29-30, prosecutors asked to confiscate the search Chong Wa Dae, the two sides confrontation. As a result, the 30 aspect of Chong Wa Dae submitted to the prosecution of the 7 boxes of information. Chong Wa Dae has refused to allow the prosecution to carry out the confiscation of the search warrant for military security and confidentiality. Prosecutors eventually did not enter the Chong Wa Dae inside the office, but the data in practice to voluntarily submit the way of martial arts. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: