Cui Shunshi arrest time due south Korean prosecutors intend to investigate Pu Jinhui-bree daniels

Cui Shunshi arrested time expires South Korean prosecutors to investigate Pu Jinhui original title: Korean cronies Cui Shunshi arrested will expire time door prosecution intends to investigate Pu Jinhui Beijing in November 13, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean prosecutors 13 news that prosecutors responsible for the investigation of the "presidential cronies intervention" special investigation department is on in the 20 days before and after the investigation of President Park Geun hye’s scheme. If prosecutors decide to investigate the park Geun hye, it will be South Korea’s constitutional history of the incumbent president for the first time to accept the prosecution investigation. According to reports, the prosecution of the door to the core character of the arrest of Cui Shunshi deadline to 20 days. The prosecution related sources, the possibility of the largest survey park next week, if delayed, is after the prosecution of Cui Shunshi. As for the investigation of place and way, according to the forecast, the prosecution will swap locations rather than in the prosecutor’s office building, the prosecution to the Chong Wa Dae door survey also is taken into account. The prosecution is also considering writing in the form of an investigation, but it needs to take into account the fact that public opinion will be accused of a mere formality. Pu Jinhui, on the other hand, the president is summoned to investigate one of the prosecutors to consider the proposal, but in view of the multi view, the president enjoys the courtesy, the lack of feasibility. Prosecutors plan to coordinate with the Chong Wa Dae on the specific schedule and investigation. According to the constitution, the president enjoys immunity from prosecution, but prosecutors believe that Chong Wa Dae, to find out the document leaked to force the big two president enterprise fund (Mir consortium, K sports consortium) donation charges, Pu Jinhui investigation can hardly be avoided. Prosecutors have been found after the investigation, Pu Jinhui to a large extent involved in the dry door". In the leaked Chong Wa Dae papers, a former Chong Wa Dae affiliated Secretary Zheng Hucheng confessed "considering the relationship between Cui Shunshi and park, the relevant documents conveyed to Cui Shunshi". In addition, Pu Jinhui also in October 25th on the dry door to apologize to the national recognition of the speech and other internal documents to the Chong Wa Dae to the Cui Shunshi. For the two funds in the requirements of corporate donations, Pu Jinhui had traced with the 7 big business president met in secret, the secret is an Chong Wa Dae song Jong confession, behind to make a donation to the two funds in the large enterprise "has the meaning of president". Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: