Comedy Jiang Xin takes on the role of the island of love by Song Xiaobao and Zheng Kai, by Jia Ling-k-boxing

"Jiang Xin Song Xiaobao Zheng Kai" a comedy Jia Ling island love Sina entertainment news by 20:30 tonight, Zhejiang TV [micro-blog] to media, media, and joy only cultural co produced the original comedy competition play variety comedy "Nemo" will be aired last year — battle of the night. Movie actor + professional comedy, the model will be fully upgraded, all competing partner was disrupted restructuring, the four new combinations of the joint battle comedy summit. Hua Fei Jiang Xin [micro-blog] hand "Lady Princess" Song Andy [micro-blog], attention Empty Nester; Chen [micro-blog] partner Wang Ning incarnation of contra, wake up after 80 video memory; Zheng Kai [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in Jia Ling, interpretation of Cinderella Princess dream; Yuan Shanshan [micro-blog] to Chang Yuan. The absence of crosstalk. It is worth mentioning that, in order to pay tribute to the comedy classic, the four comedy will be the incarnation of Chaplin, together with the four actors to perform an opening dance. When Hua Fei Fei meets coffee! Jiang Xin song Andy focusing Empty Nester as a new partner in the most exciting, everyone when the "Hua Fei" hit "Lady Princess" will happen to a chemical reaction in the suspect? This week’s show, two people together to bring a new stage, Jiang Xin is the first play on the elderly, the elderly difficult challenges. The "old lady" Jiang Xin has been living alone, to talk often home into the scene and stolen false false alarm". The thief has the conscience of the industry. Song Xiaobao is a native of Virgo, wanted to steal something away, but "mysophobia" attack, shoving the house to clean a lot of things, not to steal, also let Jiang Xin caught. Two a funny story, not only let you focus on "Empty Nester", also once again remind you usually do not false false alarm. Crosstalk is not absent! Yuan Shanshan often "sweet scented osmanthus in August" decisive night, crosstalk is not absent! This week, Yuan Shanshan and often far has brought a "Beijing" full time work "August" in the sweet scented osmanthus fragrance, beauty Yuan Shanshan hand family descendants often far, the interpretation of a comic legend". In his works, the brother and sister Yuan Shanshan and childhood sweetheart often far to learn, and the promise of a "partner" for a lifetime of romantic vows. Two people into the "corner", "Dougen" Yuan Shanshan and the "straight man" often far in the teahouse that a stunning four original comic. After the outbreak of the war, often far forced on the battlefield, they can only talk through letters, but helpless impermanence, miss the life. It is worth mentioning that, often far into the work of the great grandfather "little mushroom" Mr. Chang Bao’s deeds, so that the audience was particularly touched. Explosion full court! Chen He Wang Ning wake 80 video soul this week will usher in the game theme comedy stage works for the first time, "contra", "super Mario" "Street Fighter" "circus"…… A specialist Wang Ning Chen series FC classic memory game. They incarnate contra warrior in the works through, with countless bursting point. Among them, "rejuvenescent" fragments of impressive, they completed a series of "burden" to use facial expressions, creative out. Cinderella Princess dream! Zheng Kai, Jia Ling, the island of love, Cinderella, Cinderella, and Jia Ling相关的主题文章: