Colorful Yunnan return, this time to experience the star The Galaxie Hotel Macao holiday

recently from wandering in Europe to Asia, from Aegean Sea to travel around the snowy plateau, every day to eat tofu in Yunnan a few days ago, the Milky Way came to Macao tonight’s Oyster Bar grill experience, and specially made French champagne, wow kaka..

our chef craft great ha

the Milky Way oyster bar grill produced really like a, Israel, Britain, Australia and several flavors of oyster addictive, New Zealand lamb and beef, and the cattle are here well produced, with several cheap French wine, pink champagne, a wonderful rhythm..

100 old? Delicacy Street: (three degrees Satsuki desktop $108

pot Cup?)

crown small (??? Tin tin) $143

? (Singapore Bak-Kut-The package: Bak-Kut-The, youzhagui, white $68


fire hall (sand????) $188,

(sand Hunan spicy crab) $428, ((???) $288

? ((mushroom sea pot) $108, (powder, pot) $138, eggplant pot $58

Li (at the end of the ancient family?? lamb casserole – for winter?) ($188, $98, cattle Curry Pot?) ($88

Stewed Beef Brisket in Casserole?)

afternoon in Macao the Milky Way cup shop (CHA BEI ), taste the delicious afternoon tea, good to hear or see more, can gobble down a.. "Ha ha, color