Cold blue warning Guangdong Guangxi local cooling SUPER 12 DEG in Beijing-yo te amo

Cold blue warning: Guangdong Guangxi local temperature over 12 DEG C – Beijing China Weather Network News Central Meteorological Station in November 8th 06 when to release a cold blue warning: by the strong cold air, 8 days to 10 days, southern, Southern China and other places of daily average temperature will drop 8 to 10 DEG C, wherein in some areas, the Southern Yangtze River, southeastern Guizhou, southeastern Yunnan, a large part of Guangxi, Guangdong and other places in the northwest of the cooling rate of up to 10 ~ 12 degrees, more than 12 local C; in addition, parts of Eastern Jilin to cool 6 to 8 DEG C. Eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, Huang Huai in the East and south area of 4 to 5 winds, gusts 6 to 7; Eastern and southern China Sea area has 7 ~ 8, 9 ~ 10 northerly wind gust. The lowest temperature in the northern region will appear in 8 or on the morning of 9, the line is located in the northeast of Huang Huai,, and other places. The lowest temperature in South China in 9 to 11 in the morning, southern minimum temperature 7 to 10 DEG C, North Central Southern China from 9 to 12 DEG C, North Central Guizhou northeast of Yunnan and 3 to 6 DEG C, the daily average temperature of 5 degrees Celsius lower than the same period the year. 10 to 11 days, the highest temperature in the southern region has picked up. Defense Guide: 1, people should pay attention to add warm clothing; good weather to cool the gale defense in production; 2, doors and windows, partitions, scaffolding, temporary structures and other easily by wind blowing tight structures, the proper placement of outdoor items affected by wind; 3, to be safe places for shelter. Notice of outdoor workers Caution!; 4, refer to the relevant media reports the latest information of wind cooling, in order to take further measures; 5, traffic, public security departments should be in accordance with the duty to do road icing preparedness.相关的主题文章: