Clone their own real estate license mortgage Cixi, a man was sentenced to 8 months

Clone their own real estate license mortgage Cixi, a man was sentenced to 8 months

"clone" of their own real estate license for the mortgage, illegal? Before Zhang (of surname) has repeatedly asked myself, "their home, the total is not kidding, but a Cixi court verdict, let Zhang too late to regret.


, Zhang’s brother-in-law to find him, said funds need money, Zhang can hope to help. Zhang was also because of his business in urgent need of a sum of capital turnover, thinking can just borrow some together, they agreed to the request of. So, brother had loan opportunities friend Sohn Zhang introduced to know.

sun out of the loan conditions, the best urban real estate mortgage. Zhang thought, he has a set of real estate in the city, but the house has been used for bank loans, all the houses of the house, the original state-owned land use rights have been secured in the bank. How can this be done?


think the house is their own, only short-term borrowing transition, do a false mortgage should not be used for cheating, so Zhang through small roadside advertising, let the other side with their hands of the house ownership and state-owned land use right certificates copies of "cloning".

has two of the license as collateral, then Sohn matchmaking found by people, Zhang successfully get a loan of 188 thousand yuan.

money is lent by Yemou Sohn, leaves, two people have never seen the whole piece. Speak of the monthly interest rate of 3 and two months by the period, but Yemou has yet to receive the principal and interest repayment. Because previously with Sohn has repeatedly cooperation, trust each other, until the sun lost, Yemou realized something wrong, to the Housing Advisory Center, found that Sohn used mortgage documents are fake……

received a phone call Zhang came to the public security organs surrendered and truthfully confessed his fake mortgage documents for state crimes.

his account, borrow 60 thousand yuan to 188 thousand yuan in the law to use, but after the loan expires brother-in-law never came to pay back the money, he also put this thing on hold.

after the incident, Zhang family has restitution to Yemou 188 thousand yuan, and actively cooperate with the police investigation.

, however, Zhang eventually forged the crime of national documents, Cixi court recently sentenced to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years and fined $2000.

(correspondent Lu Yu history Mengshi reporter Zhu Lin)