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Chuiladanchang Park in   playing cards chat consume a day: China old man too short play place — Health Channel – recently, a Chinese Park attracted worldwide attention. Sichuan Province, Chengdu City People’s park because of its various elderly Choir performing team, noise nuisance, by the "New York Times" as "the world’s most noisy park". Some elderly people feel very aggrieved, because the reality of the activities of the elderly for the place is too little, there are old people complained. In case of a nuisance, then banned, old people is really no place to play." The elderly entertainment is "four shortage" recently, the reporter visited a number of parks, Beijing community, with a dozen people, found no place to play, can not find a playmate, play content deficient, the leisure life of the old man’s obstacle.   red scarf Park: from the district was rushed to the park. Lei aunt every day to do 5 bus station to the red scarf Park, more than 5 years. She said: "we do not have a park around the house, we can only a group of old lady on the narrow road to dance. But a sound, be when the noise nuisance report, we can only turn down the volume, then put us here." However, now the situation is quite satisfactory, Lei aunt: "we Hutong many elderly people every day with a small bench, on the wall with Zecai, chatted, playing cards, I don’t like it."   Dawanglu a gym: half pension card. The gym, 67 year old Li stocky, are better than a lot of young people. But according to him, this is also a good figure forced out. He admitted that he will not play chess cards, not to sing and dance, retirement is very difficult. "The only hobby is exercise, but the district fitness equipment is too old, is not complete, then I took a bite, half of the pension to do a fitness card for two years. Every day to swim, exercise muscles, is also a place to go."   lianhuachigongyuan: ziyuzile "Hu chorus". Reporters visited the same day, found that the lotus pool has a small Choir of the elderly, and some push the sound, and some pull instruments, singing, I have a date with the prairie. Colonel Zheng Ayi said: "the League run for more than three years, the level of performance is to entertain. We also want to ask the vocal teacher training, but the cost is too high." A big uncle, said: "I heard that some of the neighborhood committees can ask the music teacher to free training, but we have never enjoyed such benefits, can only play blind."   reporter visited to see the old people’s leisure activities in addition to square dance, choir, is a walk, playing Tai Chi, pumping gyro, very kind of activity. Lack of space, lack of facilities, lack of guidance, lack of understanding, this four lack of old people to become an obstacle to the entertainment life. China Institute of Gerontology and geriatrics of elderly mental Specialized Committee member Guo Ping believes that the current account for the elderly most venues are less, many of the old residential building at the beginning and did not consider the needs of the elderly activities, elderly activity room)相关的主题文章: