Chongqing owner bought a used car for five months and dared not drive

Chongqing owners to buy a used car for five months. Mr. Zhang did not dare to drive on the road to Mr. Zhang to rent purchasing Citroen Elysee working in Chongqing, in January this year through the car rental company in Jiulongpo win, way of mortgage spent about 40 thousand yuan to buy a Citroen ETUDE to the second-hand car, want to buy a car travel, leisure can also register drops to earn some extra money. Can not think of April in Jiulongpo Yuanjiagang was stopped Traffic and patrol police detained the vehicle license, check to know the car still has 14 violation records without treatment, should be deducted 24 points, a fine of 1890 yuan. Did not dare to drive on the road for 5 months, Mr. Zhang said: "in January 20th, I passed a car rental company in the win, bought this second-hand car elysee. When I signed the contract, I asked them where their driving license was. As a result, a manager of the rental car told me that the driving license had been lost and was being reissued." Half a month later, Mr. Zhang got the driving license of the vehicle, but he checked on the Internet, found that the car has 14 violations of the record, not dealt with. So, Zhang told Mr. Yang about the record, Yang promised to say: "the previous record company will help you deal with it as soon as possible."." When Mr. Yang said that Mr. Zhang thought the records had been processed, he would be on his way. "Which know, in April 12th this year, I just drove to the nearby Yuanjiagang, was stopped by the Traffic and patrol police patrol. They said that my car had 14 violations and didn’t handle it. It should be deducted 24 points." Therefore, Mr. Zhang’s vehicle license was detained by the traffic police. Once the driving license was detained, I would not dare to drive." Mr. Zhang said, "I’ll tell this to Mr. Yang, but now 5 months have passed, and no one has solved this problem." Rental car: derate two months for reporters, and then made contact with Yang manager. In the presence of Mr. Zhang to buy second-hand car illegal recording has not yet been resolved the problem, Yang explained: "because the violation records are caused by the customer before the car, so we need to pursue the responsibility of these customers, this time has been looking for people, but because the vehicle violation records part it is two years ago, so it would be more trouble." "But we also discuss with Mr. Zhang another solution, that is, he himself will be the first violation of the record to deal with it, the cost of processing, our company will be fully compensated to him." Yang said, "we will exempt him from two months for 2900 yuan, and bear his annual vehicle inspection fee of 2300 yuan in Luqiao."."   lawyers say the rental should be treated as soon as possible illegal Chongqing HOLLEY million Tao lawyer Chen Ting believes that "these violations should be responsible for the original owner, Mr. Zhang to the traffic police department can produce his credentials for the purchase of the vehicle confirms that it is not illegal. The loss suffered by Mr. Zhang when he can not drive the car should be borne by the car rental company. Before the sale of used cars, the car dealers should ensure the quality of the sale of vehicles, safety, no illegal records, etc., but due to negligence of the car, resulting in illegal records have not been eliminated in time, so the car is" 重庆车主买辆二手车 五个月了都不敢开车上路 张先生以租代购的雪铁龙爱丽舍   在重庆打工的张先生,今年1月份在九龙坡区赢时通汽车租赁公司,以按揭的方式花了约4万元买了一辆雪铁龙 爱丽舍二手轿车,本想买个车代步,闲暇之余也可以注册滴滴赚些外快。可没想到4月份在九龙坡区袁家岗被交巡警拦下扣留了行驶证,一查才知道该车仍然有14 起违章记录没有处理,应扣24分、罚款1890元。   5个月未敢开车上路   张先生说:“1月20日,我在赢时通汽车租赁公司买了这辆二手的爱丽舍。签合同的时候,我就问他们汽车的行驶证在哪,结果租车行的一位杨经理告诉我行驶证弄掉了,正在补办。”   半个月以后,张先生拿到了车辆的行驶证,可他在网上一查才发现这辆车有14条违章记录没有处理。于是,张就跟杨经理把违章记录的事情说了,杨经理便承诺说:“之前的记录公司会帮你尽快处理。”   听到杨经理这么说,张先生以为这些记录已经被处理好了,便安心上路。“哪知道,今年4月12日,我刚把车开到袁家岗附近,就被巡逻的交巡警拦下来了。他们说 我这辆车有14起违章记录没有处理,应该扣24分。”于是,张先生的车辆行驶证被交巡警扣留。“行驶证一被扣,我就不敢开车了。”张先生说,“我就把这件 事跟杨经理反映了,可现在5个月过去了,依旧没有人来解决这个问题。”   租车行:减免两个月月供   记者随后与杨 经理取得了联系。对于张先生购买的二手车存在的违章记录迟迟未解决的问题,杨经理解释说:“由于这些违章记录都是之前租车的客户造成的,所以我们需要去追 究这些客户的责任,这段时间一直都在找人,但因为车辆上的违章记录有部分都是两年之前的了,所以会比较麻烦。”   “但是,我们也跟张先生商量另外一种解决办法,就是他自己先将这些违章记录自行处理掉,处理的费用我们公司将会全额补偿给他。”杨经理说,“我们会免除他两个月的月供2900元,并且承担他今年车辆年审的路桥费用2300元。”    律师说法   租车行应尽快处理违章   重庆华立万韬律师事务所律师陈艇认为,“这些违章应该由当初的车主负责,张先生可以向交警部门出示其所购车辆的凭据以证实其不是违法者。在张先生无法开车期 间所遭遇的损失,应由租车行承担。由于在二手车出售前,车行应保证所售车辆的品质、安全、无违法记录等,但是由于车行的疏忽,导致有违法记录未及时消除, 所以车行是责任人。”相关的主题文章: