Chongqing man zeixinbusi theft by a few hundred yuan sale price mobile phone

Chongqing man zeixinbusi theft by a few hundred yuan sale price mobile phone network in Hualong on September 24th at 10:50 news (reporter Roger) recently, in the same street on the south coast of Chongqing, even a spate of retail business households stolen, lost things are all hand machine shop. The owner told reporters, three months ago, spent 2800 yuan to buy a mobile phone, did not expect a few days ago had been stolen in mobile phone store, she then to the local police station to report a case of Nan’an District of Huayuan Road. Fortunately, the police found the thief at the time of surveillance video. Police said that three cases of cell phone theft, modus operandi is the same, the man was found in the same man through video. After police Mopai visit, a few days ago, the police in Nanping a small hotel of the suspects arrested, the suspect will steal the mobile phone to hundreds of yuan price sale. Faced with the facts, he confessed to the police the details of the crime. The police also found that the suspects had theft was sentenced to six months, with a criminal record, can be said to be zeixinbusi. Police remind the majority of operating businesses: the first is to store the valuables and the counter must be far away from the shop, and then if you need to leave halfway if other employees need to store and play nice, good care of your valuables. For qualified businesses, it is recommended to install monitoring in their own shop, and posted a note on the door, the shop has a monitoring please self-respect, can play a certain role in the prevention and deterrent.相关的主题文章: