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Chongqing launched the "love action" and the community of caring people were knitted sweater – in the new network for the love Chongqing "love action" to start the ceremony. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Chongqing, November 15, (Zhong Yi) Chongqing 2016 "love action" ceremony held at the 15 day in Bishan special education schools. Dozens of love mom from Bishan received 1 pounds of wool per person. In the next month, they will use a skilled weaving sweater love sent to local orphans, poverty, left behind, the floating children’s hands. HyX Chongqing Operations Center Marketing Director Zhang Xiaofeng introduction, "love action" is China children’s foundation and Hengyuanxiang group in 2005 began to implement large-scale charity projects, to vigorously promote "care for orphans and disabled children, poverty, migrant children left behind, let love long long" charity culture, arouse the attention from all walks of life for children to live and the development of. "Since the Chongqing Municipal Women’s Federation undertake the implementation of" love action "since 2006, the city’s total of 28 counties more than 2 caring people enthusiastic participation, knitted sweater 12448, so that more than 10 thousand orphans, poverty, left-behind children benefit." Chongqing city women’s Federation vice president Xie Xiaoxi revealed that this year, Chongqing received a total of 210 thousand yuan worth of 2100 pounds of wool, the position from the previous county women’s Federation, the municipal authorities extended to release to the community, I hope to have more caring unit and caring person to join the action, for knitting a sweater for solitary trapped children to send warmth." Every child is a human spirit, the need for the care and care of the whole society." Love mom, Fan Xiangxiang told reporters that she will launch more women around to participate in the weaving of love sweater activities, with a sense of responsibility and a warm heart of public welfare. It is understood that during the 2017 New Year’s day, Spring Festival, the Chongqing Municipal Women’s Federation will put the recovery in the event of "love sweater" sent to Xinjiang in Aletai and Chongqing in remote alpine region, so that the plight of children can live a warm winter. Before November 25, 2016, the community of caring people can go to the Chongqing Municipal Women’s Federation and the store to receive love Hengyuanxiang wool.相关的主题文章: