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Chinese writers literature review: will strengthen the seeds in November 30th to Beijing – base, China Writers Association of the Ninth National Congress will be held in Beijing. From 2011 eighth Zuodaihui held so far, especially the general secretary Xi Jinping’s 2014 speech at the Forum on the work has been published, Chinese Writers Association of writers, active service to serve the people, and from around the country will China writers, literary creation to a higher level, but also make people feel better to Literature charm. Chinese literary works to better grasp the pulse of the times, literary works are "Plateau" ushered in the peak". Grasp the correct direction of in-depth study, remember our mission in the past two years, in the spirit of the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping encouraged and under the guidance of Chinese writers and Local Writers Association organized the writers rallied around the party, communicate promptly and accurately to the literary circles of the voice of the party, guide the majority of writers and literary workers adhere to the socialist literature the road Chinese characteristics; and actively create conditions to help the writer to create China values, dissemination of contemporary Chinese culture embodies the spirit, reflect the aesthetic pursuit of Chinese, excellent works of thought and art and the readability of the organic unity of the. It is understood that, from April 2015 to June, Chinese Writers Association Secretariat comrades led the team to 20 national provincial Writers Association, carry out special investigation, summarizing experience, strengthen the work of guidance. In late September 2015, Chinese writers held national provincial Writers Association for learning seminar. The beginning of this year, China Writers Association member of the training project, plan the next two years divided training combined with centralized training and local staging of China, writers for about 11000 members of comprehensive training, held a total of 22 phase of the study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech of the Forum on literature and art training seminar ", the 2170 member passengers. China Writers Association and the group members will learn important speech theme activities with various forms of combination, adhere to problem oriented. Lu Xun College of Arts and Arts in the organization around the writer training, study the speech as an important arrangement, strive to offer quality courses; the literature periodicals network with its own characteristics, innovative methods of publicity and interpretation methods, each group member unit; actively organized writers and literary workers to learn speech forum, reading classes and training classes at the same time, the spirit of the speech learning combined with the grassroots. The majority of writers and literary workers to think seriously the social effect, to consciously assume the glorious duty of outstanding works to inspire people, the creation, construction and dissemination of advanced culture as its mission, the literary activities are undergoing profound changes with the social life together, to guide people to the truth, goodness and beauty through the excellent literature works. In response to the requirements of the times, the people, rooted in creative boutique "art can imagine flying wings, but must be on solid ground." To understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech, China Writers Association and each group member unit will "go deep into life, rooted in the people" theme practice continue to deepen. Set.相关的主题文章: