Chinese relationship hit Yuri Huang like the fate of fan Shengmei Huo met father pit (video) innawoods

"Chinese relationship" hit Yuri Huang like the fate of fan in Shengmei Huo Chinese type _28 pit father > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "China relation" entertainment news "Chinese Tencent relationship" is directed by Liu Haibo, Shen Yan, Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Hu He leaves a cloud, etc. starring the reality of contemporary emotional drama, the drama since the broadcast will be of concern, achieved high performance ratings, in recent years become a rare topic of works on the screen. Drama, Huo Yuri Huang and Ma Guoliang’s emotional line triggered heated debate. And Huo Yuri Huang in the family, love are at the bottom of the tension is shown by the audience. Huo Yuri Huang suffered a "father pit" what strength leaves Yiyun interpretation of stubborn youth was popular in the mainland "Ode to joy" for the middle class theme won the ratings champion, a new vision of five different girls to the middle class of the road as the film and television drama. Where Fan Shengmei was mother, brother to death pit, the plot of the most hot. "Chinese type" relationship in the experience of Yuri Huang and Huo more overlap, an alcoholic father and alcoholic brother, Huo Yaoyao called the family economic support, the fate of the characters is more close to the reality, reflects the realistic style of character frame of the little people. Ye Yiyun put the multi character publicity of Yuri Huang’s character, and Huo, tangled penetrating depiction. The father think Huo family daughter my brother out of Huo as unalterable principles, combined with Yuri Huang’s marriage, she persuaded the move money, more than a mother of willful bold, regardless of family. Compared with the Vatican wins the experience, her struggle is more tortuous, she can be humiliated in front of all the people, but to be recognized in Ma Guoliang, this is the fate of the characters of sorrow. Although the sad color began nongmo, but Ye Yiyun Yuri Huang Huo bones that wayward performance fully and delightfully very inspirational. The valiant "heart to live a wild horse" acting Ye Yiyun staged a "hard" Yiyun leaves in place since his debut, played many roles, high Yan value and the youth camp is she in the screen of keywords. While the current hit "China relation" is no doubt of her career precipitation, vivid three-dimensional show various properties of Yuri Huang hall. In the early stage of the story, Yuri Huang, Huo high-profile bold behavior, angry rejection two rich generation suitors such as story, brought dripping feeling to the audience, some netizens commented: "the strong girlfriend Yuri Huang Huo", "refresh my views, Huo Yaoyao lived a wild horse psychology". However, with the advance of the plot, the fate of the doomed Yuri Huang Huo, the lovely girl into the abyss of ruthless. In order to give Ma Guoliang money as soon as possible, Huo Yuri Huang began desperately to make money, model, swarm, a variety of special actor in the studio can meet all the hard work, heavy makeup to eat cake, can also eat cold food, this is Huo Yaoyao, a "hardship" girl. Many netizens lamented: "see her to eat cake, very good" "respect". More fans Bachu Ye Yiyun is a very good cook girl, it is understood that the color and flavor of delicacy drying out her in micro-blog’s taste, appetizing, but also with the cook photos, if this time added to Huo Yaoyao Ma Guoliang, you can go from!相关的主题文章: