Chinese New Year red envelopes QQ new high 342 million user participation, 90 accounted for more tha

1 28 news, Lunar New Year’s Eve, with the brush a brush red end, QQ Spring Festival red envelopes activities also come to an end. According to Tencent released data show that: the total number of users involved in the participation of QQ "LBS+AR heaven red" and "red brush" to the 342 million, of which 90 accounted for 68% of users received a total of 3 billion 777 million red envelopes of cash and gift card coupons. This data also exceeded the number of users involved in the 308 million last year, a record high.

data show that in January 27th New Year’s Eve, the number of users to participate in the "red brush" reached 272 million, red and gold appeared brush card coupons package 1 billion 727 million; January 20th -1 month 24 days, the number of users to participate in the QQ "LBS+AR heaven red" reached 257 million, the number of users to receive coupons and cash envelopes reached 2 billion 50 million time.

Yin Yu, vice president of Tencent Inc, said the mobile phone has become a red envelope of the Chinese New Year customs. Over the past three years, QQ red continuous innovation play, hoping to make the new year more fun. This year’s Spring Festival QQ red envelopes activity is high, thanks to the innovative application of AR technology. Nearly 7 of young users involved, which also allows us to see the forefront of science and technology in the vitality of young people. Look forward to the user in the happy grab envelopes at the same time, also can return to more the line of life, experience and feelings of relatives and friends. During the spring festival.

it is understood that this year during the Spring Festival in QQ provides two envelopes activities for the user, from the beginning of January 20th, the eve of the lunar new year, QQ in the country have opened the "LBS+AR heaven red" campaign. Set the 4 million 250 thousand red entrance in 369 National City, convenient for users to grab the red area; new year’s Eve, QQ opened the "brush red" campaign, from January 17th – 18:00 23:45, every half an hour will have a business to the user issued red envelopes. Users only need to enter the QQ message list page, you can receive a "Drop Pendant, brush red".

in the whole process, in addition to QQ combined with Angelababy, Zhao Liying, red Huang Xiaoming, Huang Zitao, TFBOYS and other 20 popular stars, but also with the Royal War (Supercell), king of glory, Pepsi, Chinese Eastern Airlines, Ctrip, Watsons, long travel, Wahaha, cold acid Ling, second, dig money money just remember, nearly more than and 30 businesses together during the Spring Festival to the user issued red envelopes.

according to the introduction, this is the QQ third year Spring Festival Red activity, compared with the first year just simply click on "way to participate in red envelopes and second years only" brush red ", the biggest difference this year is to increase the application of the AR technology on the basis of last year. Over the past three years, QQ red constantly;