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Chinese Jinhua’s     Olympic champion "round Tour" – Sports – original title: China "Jinhua" show Olympic champion "round Tour" Zheng Saisai is well placed in the center of the game state, easily won the new Olympic champion Puig (small) eliminated. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Bao Dandan Guangzhou daily news (reporter Sun Jiahui) in the Li Na and Zheng Jie "Jinhua" fade out of sight, a new generation of China female net growth but can be obvious to people, collective outbreak in the Grand Slam arena, but also in the "Golden Flower" relatively poor record of the United States, this is the first time. Beijing time yesterday, last year a grand slam open end of the first game for the day, Zheng Saisai knocked out the new Olympic champion Puig, and two out of Saituo Ying China qualified team player Duan Yingying and Wang Yafan also smoothly pass through the first day of competition, three flower "little flower" all round of second in this round, the Grand Slam is the first time in the history. "I really think she (puyg) today, the pressure is relatively large," Zheng Saisai said after the game, her opponents in this field was not optimistic about the game, even she is a bit of a surprise, "especially in the field of most of the audience are cheering her, but I feel very relaxed before the match, the mentality is very well, before the strategy is not to fight with her strength, spell speed, fight angle, but their brains to play her, constantly changing rhythm, if playing with her soon I beat her, I feel today tactics perform very well, play well." Zheng Saisai beat puyg 6 to 4 and 6 to 2, after statistics show that puyg unforced errors up to 28 times, is two times more than Zheng Saisai’s scoring rate is only 45%. It should be said that the right tactics and rival Zheng Saisai poor state to upset. In the other two games, Wang Yafan 6 to 3 and 7 to 5 out of uytvanck, Yingying is more than 6 to 3 segments, 4 and 6 than 6 to 3 victory over Greek girl Sakari, the first occupation career won the race victory in Sheng Fala. In addition, the Olympic gold medal in the men’s doubles, women’s singles runner up winner Nadal Gobel, mugulazha and Covey Tova have also promoted seed. The U.S. Olympic Games – Guangzhou Daily reporter observed sequelae of Sun Jiahui on every Olympic year, tennis players will feel anxiety, for the association played in the Olympics is bound to play a while, no bonus, integral of a grand slam tournament, but also to the three line of battle, of which the risk is inevitable, how to do this? Indeed, for professional players, the Olympic Games is a love and hate of the fifth grand slam". So, we see a particular scene, Djokovic in the Rio Olympic Games first round upset out after the tears, Nadal won the men’s doubles gold medal after the same tearful, win or lose, their tears for whom to stay? This is a serious problem, but you can’t get an answer from selfishness. The Olympic Games tennis match two weeks after the end of the U.S. Open taimukaiqi, Olympic champion puyg quietly sequelae attack, when the first)相关的主题文章: