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China mobile phone to Europe, there is a phenomenon of "products" – Sohu technology market in Europe and the United States has been the domestic mobile phone brands coveted "fertile soil", whether it is HUAWEI, Lenovo and other veteran manufacturers, is a plus, millet and other Internet brand mobile phone, all will enter the European market is regarded as a kind of honor. However, the choice to enter the overseas market, the mobile phone business is not a minority, but most choose in India, Southeast Asia and Africa, there are few European and American figure. After the glory in the United States, France, on the evening of 6 month time, and for the glory of the flagship product in France Paris Hotel Molitor held a conference in Europe, this conference as an opportunity, in one fell swoop glory 8 to France, Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, the European market Ross. Indeed, the majority of domestic mobile phones, as well as the glory of a European and American dream, but the glory and other mobile phone manufacturers to break the door no different. After the European Conference, in the domestic market has obtained good record of glory 8, has entered the domestic mobile phone manufacturers for the European market, more importantly, as a Chinese manufacturing, glory 8 landed in Europe at the same time, is also highly recognized by the overseas media. Why in many domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the first to enter the European and American markets will be young glory? In fact, thanks to the glory is different from the previous domestic mobile phone manufacturers siege of overseas markets, the glory of abandoned price competition and the depth dependent channel approach to create a world "phenomenal product seems to be the new direction of the glory. More than and 10 years of overseas work, only the lack of patents? From the beginning of the first domestic mobile phone brand waveguide, TCL, domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to work in overseas markets, can be said to be another wave of one after another, but in addition to HUAWEI, ZTE and other markets in Europe and the United States have achievements, the majority of mobile phone brands failed to get tickets. An explanation is that the domestic mobile phone manufacturers lack of patent accumulation, patent protection in strict European market will suffer the patent war against HTC in the United States market failure is also regarded as the typical case of defects. According to this logic, itself in the field of IT has a color Chinese enterprises seem the bright younger generation always missed the European market, or the choice of technology research and development invested enormous financial and human like HUAWEI and ZTE. We can see that this argument is untenable, TCL through the acquisition of Al Carter brought the technology and patent for its exchange for expansion in overseas market permits. The acquisition has been recognized in the overseas market rules of survival. The most fundamental reason is probably the domestic mobile phone enterprises "evil", such as some well-known brands abroad continues puerile mode, the price will become the only competition. So there are some not well-known domestic mobile phone brand, mobile phone products to sell cabbage price to ultra low-end market grab overseas brand disdain, even if sales reached 10 million profit is scanty. In fact, this "evil" is more common in China, Jobs’s "ecological closed-loop" for apple to bring huge profits in the country has evolved into a free hardware s相关的主题文章: