China on the issue of non NPT states to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group position peepsamurai

Chinese on non NPT states joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group position – Beijing Chinese support NSG for non discriminatory treatment method of the non NPT state joined the group in September 13, 2016 through the "two steps", China and India to hold a new round of arms control negotiations in New Delhi. Director of China foreign arms control division of the Ministry of Wang Qun, director of the Ministry of foreign affairs of India on Disarmament and International Security Secretary Oman deep Gil co chaired the consultation. The two sides exchanged views on issues of common concern. In India the concerns of the Nuclear Suppliers Group enlargement, in the direction of the Indian side, introduces the related discussions within the group, also introduced China’s principled stance and propositions in this regard. At the same time, China also listened to the views of the Indian "Contracting State" non NPT group said it will join the members of the group to convey. I hope the above views will help the group to discuss. The two sides recognize that the non NPT parties to join the group is essentially a multilateral problem, all members of the group can be resolved by consensus. Bilateral communication should serve to facilitate discussions within the group. The Chinese side pointed out that "States parties" non NPT application to join the group, is a new problem under the new situation, the group encountered, is the crux of "Contracting State" non NPT current policies and practices with NPT as the cornerstone of the current international non-proliferation rules conflict. China supports the group to launch an open and transparent intergovernmental process as soon as possible under the mandate of the plenary session of the Seoul, and to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth discussion on the issue of "non NPT Contracting States" to join the various aspects of the group. China has not yet formed a position on the accession of any particular country in this type of country. China advocates the group to deal with the problem through the "two step", which is the first to discuss and reach non discrimination, solutions for all "non NPT states"; then, based on this, discuss the problem of adding specific "non NPT states". China is willing to actively participate in the discussions within the group. The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on the issue of network security and the work of the Geneva Conference on disarmament. The two sides believe that the consultation is positive, honest, pragmatic and constructive. The two sides expressed willingness to strengthen communication on the issue, timely in China agreed to hold the next round of consultations on arms control, the specific time will be settled through diplomatic channels.相关的主题文章: