China launched the pulsar test satellite British media the basis for the spacecraft

Chinese pulsar emission test satellite spacecraft navigation for the British media: playing the new network – based reference news network November 11th British media reported that the successful launch of China pulsar test satellite navigation signal through the pulse, to lay the foundation for the day after the space shuttle. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on November 10th, the morning of November 10th test satellite in Northwest Chinese Jiuquan satellite launch center in the long march eleven launch of sun synchronous orbit satellite, will carry out technical tests in orbit, the Red Star detector performance and environmental adaptability is mainly to verify the spaceborne pulse accumulation in orbit pulsar data. At the same time, the launch of the rocket also has four micro nano satellite, will carry out other scientific and technological experiments. A rocket carrying five satellites to refresh the record China solid rocket launch multi satellite. Reported that China is committed to replace the United States as the dominant force in the recent space, in addition to once again successfully passed the Shenzhou eleven manned space station in Tiangong two, also announced that it is developing the world’s largest commercial manned space flight, carrying 20 tourists a day to the edge of space. Pulsar receives the pulse signal to determine the specific location of the spacecraft in outer space, such as the success of the test, it will replace the original ground surface detection technology for a few hours delay. Chinese scientists say the database is expected to be completed in ten years. Reported that the pulsar test satellite is developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five, China first orbit navigation satellite test. "In addition to the test, we will use two detectors to collect regular X optical signal, so as to test the feasibility of on orbit navigation technology theory," China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation five main designer Xue Lijun said.  相关的主题文章: