Children in order to breathe (China road China dream)


mobile Internet era, WeChat has become almost a life and work of essential goods, WeChat group is also countless, to the information exchange has brought great convenience. These WeChat group will be in all directions, people from all walks of life linked, just like a little bit of stars in the air interwoven into a network. Among them, there are some unique technical exchange group, such as WeChat China pediatric respiratory intervention group had no small influence in the professional field, reflects the China pediatric respiratory clinical doctors work, cooperation, innovation and dedication.

pediatric interventional respiratory disease is one of the newest and most active branches of Pediatrics in recent 20 years. It is a course on children’s respiratory disease diagnosis and treatment of invasive operation subject, professional training pediatricians need to accept the standard of respiratory diseases, but also on the basis of other more rigorous training, in order to make professional judgment. This discipline is highly technical and precise for professional skills, involving a variety of complex professional treatment techniques. The pediatrician under the condition of the lack, there is still a group of people will be full of enthusiasm, wisdom and strength to contribute to this field.

how to make doctors in the diagnosis and treatment technology has improved? How can we get a timely diagnosis in the face of difficult symptoms? Medical mutual promotion, need to innovate on the channel and platform, WeChat group played the role of interoperability. Doctors in pediatric respiratory intervention Chinese some of the WeChat group, covering more than two to three class B can carry out bronchoscopy of the hospital, including different provinces, different seniority of pediatric respiratory physicians, we are busy in clinical work more than a trivial time, efficient communication, learning and common progress. At the moment, there is a professor of upload respiratory disease diagnosis and treatment technology of advanced works, there will be a variety of discussions, the application experience of speech; weekends and holidays, from respiratory specialist conference site doctor share lecture essence, doctors across the country will have to learn; working day, everyone in the WeChat group in the discussion of special cases, Qiecuo technology, expert consultation in primary hospital, the introduction of new technology difficult patients new treatment advances, domestic and international forwarding meeting notice, learning theory, enthusiasm is high, the effect of.

is not only the exchange of learning, and the clinical application, remote consultation, practical guidance, greatly expand the space of pediatric respiratory intervention. Through this platform, some children can be removed without medical treatment, domestic top experts consultation directly, receive timely and effective treatment; some are necessary to the hospital treatment of children in the primary hospital through online communication, make the referral easier, less detours. Once, almost midnight, a hospital doctor will be a difficulty in breathing the baby’s condition, bronchoscopy, lung CT report issued in the specialized WeChat group, digital home pediatric respiratory experts quickly put forward examination and treatment consultation, the 6 month old infant so early to accept the most appropriate treatment. It is the pediatric respiratory intervention experts unpaid hard work, led to the growth of the network communication platform, but also in the field of pediatric respiratory produced a butterfly;