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Children do not say a word to go abroad, how to solve the summer in recent years, many parents have such a feeling: Tourism seems to have become a child comparison between the weights". Study abroad is to show off the "capital", the domestic travel to "grade", suburban travel is not "face". A first grade student even told his parents: "if I did not go to the summer vacation, after school and other students will not be able to chat together." In this regard, experts said, summer travel understandable, but if it as a show off capital, the meaning of travel on the contrary. (yesterday) the child does not agree with a word to go abroad, the parent is to promise or do not agree? This is really a problem. A promise, the child may be minute to parents as "Aladdin lamp", it is the worship of worship, but it is up to something. Do not agree with it, the child will think that is not a love of the grass, or else, why do you always have someone else’s child? So, meet this problem, whether it is agreed or not, have to pay attention to skills and methods, and can not lose the simple and crude. Read 10000 books is to broaden their horizons, travel effect no denying. During the world cup in Germany, a television station came to a poor area in southwest football knowledge. The demonstration of the photographer and kicked the football to the cow dung. When he put the football clean, give students practice, the amazing scene appeared: each child kicked the ball out, they will put the ball into the water to wash, and then put the penalty position — they had cleaned as part of the rules of football. Thus, the interaction between the two sides is not without benefit, the crew felt a huge gap between urban and rural areas, the local primary school students for the first time contact with football. However, the recognition of the role of travel is not equivalent to unconditional support for children to travel abroad. The reason is simple, as minors, they may not really ready. Once the treatment is not good, it is very likely to win from the double lose. Parents need to do, just from the family’s economic situation, depending on the child’s understanding and preparation for travel and comprehensive consideration. If the family conditions, you can sign a "list of achievements" in the absence of consensus, the travel will have to complete the task list, such as a volunteer with a foreign peers, making friends, watching the sunrise and sunset, the exotic and local fans a morning run less than 3 km run, involved in the local community…… At the same time, but also agreed not to achieve the expected results of disciplinary measures, such as two years may not travel abroad again…… Let the children travel with a sense of purpose and sense of responsibility, which is one of its. Second, if the family economic situation is not satisfactory, you can use the number to speak, and the children say that the possibility of going abroad may affect the quality of family life. If the child insisted on going abroad, it requires the implementation of the list of results, and its agreed travel costs must be A B or A A system, parents assume more than half or half of the cost. Where does the child come from? It can be their own new year’s money or pocket money, can also be their own labor income, such as a part-time job to explain to the exhibition hall. Of course, if the family economic conditions;相关的主题文章: