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Chengdu giant panda breeding research base to pay tribute to "poaching" giant panda Aliens – Sohu news November 8th, a group of Canadian seniors came to Chengdu. They are called "giant panda fans"". As early as 70 years ago, they had in Chengdu with a man named "Pandora" panda live from the panda obsession. They visited the pandas at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base (hereinafter referred to as "base"), and also won the medal of honor for panda fans. Base official micro-blog even published an article, "CS children and their parents" tribute. Is not very moving? But the article under review, is another kind of style. A pain condemning, probably means: even when the money base to foreigners poaching giant panda is won’t listen to reason. What the hell is going on? What about more than and 70 years ago. In 30s and 40s, Chengdu has a West China Union University, the school by Canada, the United States and Britain jointly organized by the church, there is a school for children of foreign staff set up a "Canada school" (Canadian School, referred to as "CS"), claiming to study here the children as "CS child." they follow their parents came to Chengdu China, learn and grow in the West China dam. Living with children, there is a giant panda named Pandora (Pandora). How did Pandora come from? The base is that what the article introduced: 1938, West China Union University biology professor Ding Kesheng (Frank Dickinson) the lady brought a giant panda cub from Guanxian mountain, for the safety and health considerations, Ding Kesheng decided to let it live in the West China dam, then timely sent to the United states. But foreign historical data is completely different. A photo exhibition site called Vic in China, published a large number of photos taken by the missionaries in Sichuan, including the "Pandora" precious photos. This website is so introduced "Pandora" the origin: in 1938, the association of New York (New York Zoological animal Society) want to introduce two pandas in their zoo, contact time in West China Union University biology professor Ren Ding Kesheng, born with a DINK Hunter (Hunter), the hunter caught a giant panda cub, Mrs. Ding Kesheng brought it out into the mountains. In 2012, a report online in Sichuan confirmed the claim that the University of West China has received a request from the New York Zoological Society for a giant panda cub. In other words, "Pandora" is basically a hunter hunter hunt from the mountains to capture the wild giant panda cub Ding Kesheng. In May 1938, Spooner, a professor of chemistry at the University of Western China’s Roy, brought Pandora to the United states. Sichuan online report wrote,…相关的主题文章: