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Chengdu government center to disable Note7? Response: for some staff – Sohu news in recent days, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone security concerns due to widespread public concern. Today (September 26th) afternoon, the media to "Chengdu Government Affairs Service Center: office area to prohibit the use of the Samsung Note7" title, reported that the Chengdu municipal government affairs service center official micro-blog issued a notice prohibiting the use of Note7 in Chengdu service center. Chengdu Service Center Planning Director Mr. Xu responded, Chengdu service center is the new media operations center, responsible for the operation of the official service account, and can not be simply equated with the Chengdu government affairs service center, and the provisions only for service center 9 staff. According to media reports, the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government Affairs Service Center official micro-blog @ Chengdu service this morning issued a notice of Note7 disable. This is the "notice" on the prohibition of writes in the office area using Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone, "due to the presence of charge or charge after the fire risk, and the municipal government administrative center in the work of the masses and staff to ensure the work of the masses is numerous, and the staff of the personal and property safety, is now banned in Chengdu Service Center Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone." Two specific provisions, the staff will be prohibited to carry mobile phone use in the office area or office area, and asked the staff to strengthen the operation of self access center periphery area charging seat inspections, such as found in the work of the masses in charge here, should be timely to persuade. The micro-blog will soon be forwarded @ Chengdu Youth League, and commented, if the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 small partners, we must pay attention to safety oh! Samsung Galaxy Note useful around, remember to remind oh 7!" Notification content. Source: @ Chengdu service Aurora notice, the notice printed on a piece of the Chengdu Municipal People’s government affairs service center red paper, inscribed as Chengdu service center. In the face of friends asked whether this is the first national government has announced a ban on the use of building under the jurisdiction of the Samsung Note 7, Xiao Bian specifically explains: "this is the Chengdu service center of Kazakhstan, not municipal government administrative center." Then Chengdu service operations center planning director Xu confirmed that this notice is issued by the Chengdu service operations center, but Chengdu service operations center is not a government agency. "We are the new media operations center, Chengdu city belongs to the official service account, in micro-blog, WeChat, Alipay, APP, above all, mainly to do government services, life services," says Mr xu. He also issued a notice to the aurora, the reason that is written in this paper, but the provisions only for internal staff, a total of 9 people, people want to take us no way, but will remind them of ", and the center is currently not colleagues using Note 7 mobile phone, but some people are willing to buy, the requirement is hope" preventive".相关的主题文章: