Chelsea plans to renew the contract for the 11 battle of the war, Costa, 9 goals! Premier League

Chelsea plans to renew the contract for the 11 battle of the war, Costa, 9 goals! Premier Costa this season – the Sohu sports gun firepower   from the British media, "Daily Mirror" news, with Costa this season’s recovery, Chelsea completed his consideration and renewal, to prevent poaching atletico. Spain international Diego Costa became famous in the 2014 move to Atletico Madrid, Chelsea. The first season to join the blues, the Premier League played 26 games, scored 20 goals and 3 assists, Mourinho won the Premier League title that year is sydney. But in Mourinho’s second season, his state of rapid decline, 28 Games only 12 goals, during the reign of Mourinho, only scored 4 goals, which is an important reason why Mourinho let the bridge type. Conti came to Chelsea, the rapid warming of the state of the 11, in the first round of the league, he has scored 9 goals in the Premier League, and there are 3 assists. Diego – Costa, Atletico Madrid has not given up his intention to buy back, in the past three transfer window, Atletico have made efforts to this end. Previously there have been reports, Ma Jing out of 60 million euros offer, want to return to the front of the horse god. But it is clear that Abu and his new boss, Conti, have been trying to get back to the top of the Barclays Premier League, not to let him go. "" "" ". According to British media reports, in order to be able to stay in the state to find a God, Chelsea intends to give him a new contract. In 2014, Costa for 32 million pounds to Chelsea, when he and the club signed a 5 year contract, about 150 thousand pounds a week. His current contract expires in 2019, and Chelsea wants to give him a new contract to extend the deadline. Prior to the news, Ma Jing coach Simonyi will leave Atletico after the end of the season, which makes it possible for the long-term retention of the is very optimistic about Costa. (Fei Niao)相关的主题文章: