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Chelsea: Premier League 4 match unbeaten prospect of small or regain a focus of the war – Beijing sports Sohu reuse time in late August 27th 22:002016-17 season England Football Super League third round play bridge in Standford stadium, Chelsea in the home court against newly promoted burnley. Chelsea winning the first two rounds, scoring 6 points, the momentum is very good, in the face of newly promoted Burnley, Chelsea will certainly hope to win the game, and from past confrontation, Chelsea 5 times to Burnley are not to lose, win the other seems to be no problem, the biggest suspense of the game is for the Conti staff arrange and use. In the history of the Premier League history, Chelsea and a total of 4 times against Burnley, Chelsea made 3 wins, 1 unbeaten record, the last 5 times the two teams clash, Chelsea also unbeaten. The two teams clash is the Premier League twenty-sixth round in the 2014-15 season, when Ivanovic scored, red Matic, Chelsea in the Standford bridge 1-1 draw with burnley. Starting from Chelsea Chelsea or face the first two rounds of the situation, the starting lineup, Oscar’s performance is the worst, the Brazil midfielder is likely to have been abandoned for Conti, while Fabregas netted in the last round to help Costa, Conti had conquered, so little is likely to enter the starting method. In addition, William also can play the game of suspense, therefore, in midfield, Conti may discharge method, a combination of small Zal, Matic and Kanter, and in the front line, Ba Shu and Costa is expected to form a double Yayi center, taking into account the Burnley strength is not strong, Conti could make such an attempt, and Belgium after joining Chelsea striker in the efficiency is very high, Conti will not have the opportunity. The best two rounds in the Premier League, Chelsea defeated West Ham and Waterford, and are relying on Costa in the Carling Cup final winner, Chelsea defeated Bristol Rovers, won three consecutive games, the new season with Burnley, Chelsea have no reason not to take 3 points, of course, Burnley just beat Liverpool Chelsea, not overly optimistic, the person may also make trouble for the blues in the Standford bridge. Before the sound Conti: I told the players of tomorrow must be very cautious, because this is a tough battle against a good team. Burnley are solid in defence, two outstanding strikers have been waiting for the chance to fight back, when we attack each other must beware of this point. I hope the players and the fans can come together and try to win the game, every game in the Premier League is very difficult. Each race will need careful, if can’t concentrate at the right time, anything can happen, we had in the League Cup against Bristol Rovers is such. I will probably let Ba Shu Yayi playing tomorrow. He is a young player, the potential is unlimited, he will have a lot of improvement in the future, his career attitude left a deep impression on me, he does have the potential to start. Prediction of first Chelsea (4141): Courtois; Aspen)相关的主题文章: