Cheetah Q6 new 2.4L 4WD all sold 169 thousand and 800

Cheetah Q6 new 2.4L 4WD all sold 169 thousand and 800 Phoenix car recently, cheetah car announced the Q6 family and a new 2.4 liter 4WD versatile, priced at 169 thousand and 800 yuan, bringing the cheetah Q6 all models up to 5 models, the price range of 11.99-17.98 million. Cheetah Q6 official guide price models (million) 2.4L two drive version 11.99 2.4L four-wheel drive version 13.69 2.4L 4WD all 16.98 2.0T two drive version 14.68 2.0T four-wheel drive version 17.98 tab: Phoenix car cheetah Q6 is a hardcore off-road vehicle, the earliest cheetahs KINGBOX based on 230 mm from the smallest with close clearance angle and 38 and 23 degree angle of departure angle, four-wheel drive vehicles equipped with the transfer case and Eaton differential lock, by comparing the performance guarantee. Based the new 2.4 liter 4WD all in cash 2.4 liter four-wheel drive version on the part of the configuration, including electric sunroof, electric mirrors, electric adjustable leather seats, seat heating, tire pressure monitoring etc.. Power, the cheetah Q6 full range of 2.4 liters and 2.0T gasoline engine, the maximum power of 129 horsepower and 177 horsepower, respectively, and two horsepower. Transmission, with 2.4 liters engine matching is a 5 speed manual transmission, and the 2.0T engine is matched with the speed of the manual transmission 6.相关的主题文章: