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Change of the mainland’s Taiwan strategy: the distinction of "one island two systems" – Sohu Military Channel after the Mid Autumn Festival, 8 blue camp and non party mayor Qi County, visit to mainland reached an agreement with the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the 8 counties of tourism, agricultural products sales, personnel exchanges, youth entrepreneurship counseling and a total of 8 business. The mainland is no longer restricted, can be said to have been around the Cai Yingwen administration does not recognize the "negative effect on both sides of the 92 consensus". But it is serious on the DPP sore feet, especially in Taiwan, many green camp ruling counties, since it does not recognize the "depression 92 consensus" of the market, forcing the industry to go on Kay Road, from Cai Yingwen, to pan mayors, this is totally out of order, at the occasion, see eight blue camp and non Party county mayor, another clever door, showing the blue camp and non Party county mayor, ran in front, in the opinion request, no pan ruling, use flexibility, blaze a way out. But this way, the other pan mayors, will have the following: first, the sooner or later will resonate in the blue camp after the fall. Former DPP naive, is dead together, tightening expectations of cross-strait relations in the mainland, will not only give the supporters not to earn money, but also to the blue camp supporters not to earn money, to transfer to the blue camp of Cai Yingwen discontent, dissatisfaction, Chinese, but the difference China, to avoid the the party dragged everyone with water evil thoughts. Secondly, the green camp said to contain the government taking effect, rather than to the people of the occurrence of powerful magnet effect; the people forced officer, rather than misgovernment makes the people rebel. In recent years, Taiwan economy people are concerned with the landslide, including eating, living, if the blue camp and no county party can achieve economic and trade exchanges with local and local mode, not only the overhead "central", will also set off the Pan county enterprise practitioners, to put more pressure on the pan mayors. Thus the influence of Cai Yingwen. But admits the "92 consensus", becomes Cai Yingwen’s second re-election as a cover door for 4 years, the distribution of interests of thousands of positions after 2020 this green people, public opinion based such effect is the absolute radiation to 4 years after the election. Finally is the one country two systems will get test in Taiwan, Taiwan, is put into a cross-strait economic and political test base can be decoupled, thus confirming that both sides of the political system, although there are differences, but the unity of the Chinese nation, is through mutual economic, political mutual complement each other after a period of fusion. The running in period, unity can be a matter of course. The three possible resonance, the face of the Democratic Progressive Party, will be unable to parry. The so-called do not recognize the "92 consensus", is a tactical change, and China, "distinction" and "one island two systems" is a strategic change, changing tactics wins face how to reverse the strategy change? The DPP only way down! No wonder some green legislator, strained to angry, even "Wu Sangui", "blue eight slave" lousy choice of word words are called out. They began to worry that Taiwan independence can not go on? More worry in the cross-strait economic and trade exchanges, being marginalized, especially pan ruling?相关的主题文章: