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The Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate: Inner Mongolia 89 reserve half save illegal development of the original title: in 2016 the first batch of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate feedback start Inner Mongolia four issues for rectification to the Xinhua News Agency Hohhot 12 November Xinhua (reporter Hu Lu, Peng Yuan) approved by the CPC Central Committee and the state Council, in 2016 the first batch of the central environmental protection inspector since recently onwards to local feedback. 12 inspectors to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party committee, the government conducted feedback inspectors. Inspectors believe that since the party’s eighteen years, Inner Mongolia ecological environment to achieve the overall containment, local improvement, a major change. The land area of desertification and desertification was decreased, the average vegetation coverage was improved, and the forest coverage rate reached 21%. Governance Hulun Lake Wuliangsuhai and ecological protection is paying off. However, the ecological environment is still very fragile, compared to achieve the goal of building a northern ecological security barrier is still a certain distance. There are four specific problems: the ecological environment is fragile, the urgency and difficulty of environmental protection is not in place. Many local cadres did not realize that the beautiful scenery is wealth, some areas of ecological destruction outburst; coal chemical industry, electrolytic aluminum, thermal power and other industries in the industrial control environment risk measures, adverse impact on the ecological environment. Hulun Lake, Wu Liang Suhai, Daihai Lake ecological function recovery is still very arduous task. There are still many problems of illegal exploitation in nature reserve. 89 national and provincial nature protection 41 situation of illegal area, involving 663 companies, and mine environmental governance generally has not been carried out. The loss of the basic ecological function area relictus National Nature reserve. – water and air pollution prevention and control work lags behind. The region’s good water reduction, poor water increase, groundwater overdraft serious, severe water environment protection. Air pollution prevention action plan to promote the implementation of lagging behind. – the environmental problems of the environmental pollution of the north pharmaceutical industry, the management of the fire point of coal mines, the management of hazardous wastes, and the environmental problems of the masses. According to the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region governor side edge, currently settles environmental problems report 1637, against illegal enterprises closed down 362, filing penalties 206, detained 57 people, interviewed 238 people, 280 people of accountability. According to the inspectors work arrangements, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party committee, the government will be based on the requirements of the development of corrective measures, and submitted to the State Council within 30 working days, open to the public. It is understood that since July 2016, the first batch of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate were stationed in Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangxi, Yunnan, Ningxia and other 8 provinces, a month to carry out environmental protection inspector. From the near future, the inspectors will continue to be the results of the inspectors local feedback. Editor: Fan Yingwu相关的主题文章: