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Central Asia: extremism the next outbreak of contact the original title: Central Asia: the next outbreak of extremism in Central Asia is suffering from contact from two directions, one is the local personnel through training abroad return attack another member is affected by extreme ideological infection, a native of the Islamic state extremist extremists the organization (pictures from the network, the author: "finance" reporter Hao Zhouwen Wang Shang) local time on August 30th morning, occurred in Kyrgyzstan Chinese Embassy in front of the explosion. It has long been security concerns in the Central Asian region has become a reality. About a week after an investigation, Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Council said the bomber was a terrorist attack received training in Syria Uygur people, show held in Tajikistan passport name zoilus · Kazakhstan Lilov. Kazakhstan has always been calm in June this year, terrorist attacks. The day before the start of Ramadan, a gang composed of 25 people robbed two weapons stores in western economic and cultural center of aqtobe City, and a garrison. Kazakhstan into the yellow alert state of anti-terrorism. Since then, Kazakhstan have extremists arrested. August 18th, Almaty, 4 people were arrested on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks; on the 31 day, the terrorists were arrested in the western region near Russia, 21. Central Asia Russia Tomsk National University of Giulia Chico Va scholars Yulia · analysis of the "financial" reporters in Kyrgyzstan and the Kazakhstan terrorist attack at two different directions: one is the local personnel through overseas training return carry out attacks, the other one is affected by extreme ideological infection, homegrown extremists. "Finance" reporter interviewed many scholars agreed that the deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan on the border control of weak central Asian countries, especially Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, is a huge challenge. The attack China embassy "Ha Liluofu" is probably from Afghanistan into Tajikistan from Tajikistan into the territory of Kyrgyzstan. This challenge is no longer a theoretical concern, is evolving into an imminent reality. The situation in Afghanistan is likely to collapse at the end of 2014 U.S. led NATO forces to end military operations in Afghanistan, the security situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated. Since the outbreak of the war in Afghanistan in 2015, the number of civilian casualties up to a year, to 11 thousand; the same year also suffered the biggest casualties of the Afghan National Army, army combat 8%, another 30% soldiers left the post. "Last year, the Afghan government’s statement can also see the confidence and hope for the future of the situation, such as the word, this year is more ‘uncertain’. No one can say how long the situation in Afghanistan will collapse, but certainly not long." Moscow University of International Relations Professor Ivan · Safran Chuck of the "financial" reporters. 2015 Taliban to the actual control of 23 provinces in Afghanistan, 17 of which are located in the northern part of the country’s provinces — three countries here and Central Asian countries in direct contact, are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and"相关的主题文章: