CCTV to restore the case of Xu Yuyu hackers sell the crime of crime according to the script Division pigeon blood

CCTV Xu Yuyu case: hackers sell information to restore the crime according to the script division of the original title: exclusive survey reduction Xu Yuyu case: hackers sell fraud candidates information according to the script into the Xu Yuyu case fraud case 8 suspects arrested fraud reduction details of a telephone fraud cheated out of all the tuition Shandong Linyi prospective college students Xu Yuyu, also took the 18 year old girl young life. Recently, the unified command of the Ministry of public security, the 8 suspects are arrested. CCTV reporter interviewed on the fraud suspect, when the liar scam restore the integrity of the tragic death of Xu Yuyu, the reporter found, exposing the telecommunications fraud behind those still in the gap and open the black hole. Xu Yuyu’s telephone: Hello, Hello, one afternoon, the phone is said by the Department of education, let me give another phone number, said the Ministry of Finance for funding, said grants, to contact this person, then he gave me a telephone number. Let me call the phone number, after I hit…… August 2016 19 in the afternoon, hit a phone call home to Xu Yuyu joy. Xu Yuyu, who lives in Linyi, admitted to the Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications this year, due to family difficulties, she applied to the education sector grants, the call to inform her that she can receive the grant immediately, the teacher can be found in Shandong. Xu Yuyu’s mother: Mom, I have to go to the bank, I said you go to the bank? She said she gave me a $2600 grant. How the mother and daughter would not have thought that this call the staff of the Bureau of education is calling from Jiangxi, Jiujiang. In the afternoon, the person who made the call was Zheng Xiancong. Suspect Zheng Xiancong: I told her that I am here is the Education Bureau, a student grant. The "role" played gang members for accurate fraud Zheng Xiancong, 26 years old, Yongchun County of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, attended the fourth grade primary school dropout, telecommunications fraud gangs front-line staff, his role in the fraud is posing as staff of the Bureau of education. Zheng Xiancong: I told her there was a grant, you have a 2680 student grants. If you want to receive, today is the last day, you have to contact with the Finance Bureau staff. When Xu Yuyu provided by the other Party Finance Bureau number on the past, answering the phone is the fraud Gang second officer, also in Jiangxi Jiujiang a rental house, posing as staff of the Financial Bureau Chen Wenhui began the conversation with Xu Yuyu. Reporter: how many calls did you make that day? Suspect Chen Wenhui: that day should be hit one hundred or two hundred, the two hundred or three hundred bar. Reporter: how many people you cheated on the money that day? Suspect Chen Wenhui: only this one. Reporter: only Xu Yuyu this one. Suspect Chen Wenhui: yes. Chen Wenhui, 22 years old, Anxi County of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, the first grade junior high school, the main organizer of the fraud Gang, as second-line staff, his role is to work personnel and Finance Bureau, which is the most critical part of deception and lure.相关的主题文章: