CCTV offbeat dating show Xiangyue will broadcast a variety of high-tech applications –

CCTV offbeat dating show "Xiangyue" will broadcast a variety of high-tech applications – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, seven sets of CCTV large-scale outdoor dating show "Xiangyue" upcoming "mid autumn", from September 13th to September 17th, 5 consecutive days wonderful launch. In "Xiangyue" "mid autumn", the program group will enter Hebei, Shanxi, Guizhou and Heilongjiang four provinces of the township to the county, the village primary school principals and 38 red banner pacesetter, tofu Xi Shi matchmaking school music teachers, experts, won the national recognition of the duck. As in the past to the program group combined with local cultural characteristics, and the application of a variety of high-tech and skill in the Mid Autumn Festival "Xiangyue" special program, create cool avant-garde "seven blind nirvana". In the opening show, behind the scenes, scenes before the application of montage editing, minutes show American movies like vu. Not only to the name of "Xiangyue" column identifies the balloons and airships, is sending helicopter on-site interaction. Play with a helicopter romance, in the domestic dating program is no higher than the. The column group also carefully arranged VR to 360 degree panoramic panoramic photography, showing the scene, from the front of the guests subtle facial expressions, to the backroom staff working state, and the interaction between the audience of the panoramic view. "Xiangyue" mid autumn time special programs and videos in the matrix of the solidified ultra cool in slow motion, the picture frame to a frame, bring the most beautiful moment. In addition to the most incisive visual experience, but also because of "Xiangyue" host Xiao Dongpo simple and honest, witty and humorous hosting style has been well received. Show itself is a process, intentions and the audience no routine, full of sincere words to impress people, "saying" times of the program not only reflects a kind of wisdom of life, to better reflect the host’s true intentions. As CCTV only one large outdoor dating dating chat show, "Xiangyue" officially selected for the 2016 second quarter broadcast innovation excellence program list in the long ago, and was evaluated as "dig the rural traditional culture core, focus on the rural cultural self-confidence and value of play".相关的主题文章: