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CBA the most low-key team strong ascent this season title don’t forget their strong ascent [collection] Beikong Guangsha 108-128 Guangsha McCollum air cut 48+10 Beikong defeated Tencent sports news November 20th CBA Guangsha ninth Harding Park, the League pattern is changed. After a single foreign aid team in Xinjiang after the defeat of Guangdong, another disappointing defeat to Shenzhen. Therefore, currently ranked first in the league, became the Guangsha team in 128-108 easily fix Beikong team after they beat the small advantage at the strong momentum of the Shanghai team from the top. Before the League 9, beating Fujian, Sichuan Guangsha respectively, Qingdao, Shandong, Tianjin, Beijing, 81 and Beikong, fighting in 113-118 against Xinjiang. From the point of view of opponent’s distribution, including last season’s defending champion, Beijing and Xinjiang such despotic level teams, there are the backbone of the team’s League of Shandong. The Guangsha the current ranking attributed to account for the schedule of cheap ", is clearly untenable. In fact, as currently the most tyrannical low-key team Guangsha strictly follow the "muffled fortune" by saying. From the point of view of foreign aid, Fortson was known as the Rockets but averaged smuggled goods, braid brother has 29.4 points and 6.1 rebounds and scored 6.9 assists account, apparently belonging to the level of foreign aid. Holman is an old acquaintance, with two pairs of stable. As for the team which is also very stable, Zhao Yanhao, Liu Zheng and Hu Jinqiu called Guangsha three less, but it is the character of low-key, hardworking player. Can’t toss out what yaoezi is not that popular superstar. Yes, in a period of time before the incident caused by shoes in Guangdong compared to raise a Babel of criticism of because of loneliness, God and sponsors are widely focused funny Shanghai, compared to the recent Xinjiang mess with generals. Guangsha attention is not high. Can be such a branch, is currently occupying the top position of the standings. Since leaving the Guangdong team, Li Chunjiang in the seed sowing and start Guangsha, dedicated to training young players. Over the years, Guangsha has been able to firmly into the playoffs, but it is difficult to go further. After all, Rome was not built in a day, is not a short duration of time will be able to create out at. However, the new season may change the situation, the Liaoning team suffered an unexpected loss, Guangdong and Beijing as well as the strength of the past, Xinjiang has started a new round of Internal Tearing force". In this chaos, the gradual collapse of the old order situation, Guangsha team can A new force suddenly rises.? Perhaps the top spot in the league is an opportunity. (Yang Weili)相关的主题文章: