Card selling gold, hundreds of funds in the three quarter of Vanke Vanke what happened

Card selling gold, hundreds of funds in the three quarter of Vanke Vanke what happened? Each reporter Zhu Wanping in July 2015, causing the treasure to placards Vanke, Vanke equity dispute, spread the war has not ended yet. In the above context, the daily economic news reporter noted that today (October 27th) evening, Vanke announced three quarterly. Reported that the first three quarters of Vanke achieved revenues of $117 billion, an increase of 47.06%; net profit of $8 billion 260 million, an increase of 20.54%. So, whether such results can be held Vanke many fund satisfaction? Reporter launched a survey. Shanghai China fund holdings Vanke A decline in market value reached 50% "daily economic news" reporter according to the Oriental Wealth Chioce statistics show that the third quarter of this year, the number of funds Vanke A ranked the top ten awkwardness fund only 104, while in the two quarter, this figure was 241, compared to the two quarter of this year fell by more than 56.8%. In addition there is no Vanke A 137 fund awkwardness in the top ten, and another 104 are still heavily loaded funds Vanke A, but 69 of them were the reduction of the fund. The change of   of the fund’s largest Vanke A number of holdings and the market value of Vanke in July 4, 2016; since the resumption of trading to the end of the three quarter, the 206 fund has accumulated holdings of 1 billion 677 million shares of China Vanke A. Among them, China Vanke A fund holdings Vanke A number by the two quarter of 3 billion 125 million shares fell to 1 billion 448 million shares, a decline of 53.6%. The corresponding market value of the shares fell from 7 billion 636 million yuan in the two quarter to $3 billion 789 million, a decrease of 50.4%. In addition, currently the largest Vanke A fund, whether to lower level or in the stock market value of shares in more than a year. In the third quarter of 2015 during the stock market crash and the third quarter of this year, the fund holdings and stock market value fell significantly. It is worth mentioning that, treasure in the first three quarters of this year Hengda crazy shopping spree Vanke A case, the number of shareholders Vanke is bujianfanzeng, as of September 30th, a total of 321 thousand and 600 households shareholders, but the average per household holdings is greatly reduced. In the semi annual report, there are 272 thousand shareholders held Vanke A, visible in the three quarter increased by nearly 50 thousand shareholders. Certificates of real estate in Thailand grading fund holdings of 9 million 400 thousand shares topped by 2016 semi annual report, Vanke A shares over more than 10 million shares of a total of 10 funds. More than half of the fund to track the CSI 300 and Shenzhen 100 index fund, the other is flexible configuration hybrid or stock funds each subject. Including the Oriental red China advantage, certificates of real estate in Thailand, Shenzhen 100, China Classification of financing of new economy, mixed Yi Fangda Shenzhen 100, the number of shares of approximately 172 million shares. The "daily economic news" reporter noted that the first half of the time had to hold 21 million shares of China Vanke A topped Oriental red China advantage fund, as of September 30th this year, Vanke A disappeared from the ranks of the top ten awkwardness. And as China new economy mixed fund, the fund holds shares of China Vanke A1804.91 semi annual report, as of;相关的主题文章: