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Card Manager: Chinese bring us problems away to win Lippi training on the evening of 15 at 7:35, China Tuodong stadium soccer team will welcome the afterlife Cup Asian zone 12 finals in Kunming fifth rivals Qatar team. In Haigeng training 12 days later, Chinese’s line-up became clear, and the opponent team has rushed to Kunming in Qatar on the way encounter Thai embarrassed ", only 30 hours of time to adapt to the plateau. Yesterday afternoon at 5:30 and 7:30 in the evening, the Orangemen and Qatar team held a news conference before, Lippi believes that the Orangemen can play good football, but also the strength and current ranking is not consistent. National football club can play a beautiful football coach Lippi with captain Zheng Zhi attended the pre match press conference. Lippi said the team has the ability to play beautiful football, and now the rankings do not reflect the true strength of the team. Lippi said, in charge of Guangzhou Evergrande had never seen so many fans, it is a pleasure to see you, very happy to start another journey in Chinese, "Chinese led the national team into the World Cup finals, we will do our best to everyone in order to match the best, so I value is not only a technical and tactical confidence is the key to improve." Speaking of goals, Lippi said that the country has room for improvement in all aspects, I certainly hope that the team can create a miracle, successfully qualify for the world cup. If I can do it, of course, I am very happy, if not, I will focus on the growth of the team, as well as the following events." "The goal is to get three points," Lippi said. "I believe in the strength of the national team. We have the strength to play good football, because both the striker, midfielder or defensive, all positions are good players. I think our strength is not consistent with the current ranking." Lippi said that in the training, the players have devoted all their efforts, this time they should be aware of their ability, the goal of today’s game is very simple, is to win three points. Zheng Zhi added: "the team goal is to take three points, the implementation of the coach’s tactical intent is good." Hengda players of great help to me "Lippi spoke in detail, past training goal is clear, is to clear the tactics. In the offensive side of the drill a lot of technical and tactical cooperation, to help the striker to find a sense of goal. When it comes to the role of Hengda players in the country, Lippi said he would ask Hengda players to help other players to better understand their own tactical concept, it can be said Hengda players to help a lot. Zheng Zhi added: "the first day of training camp we had a meeting that is to enhance the coach team morale and confidence. Before the game we have no triumphalism, this is Lippi, especially when in a recent training. Although there will be pressure on behalf of the country, but we will turn it into power. Hopefully in tomorrow’s game, the fans will see us change." Lippi said that in the past, whether in the Hengda or the national team is an absolute leader, so appointed him captain, "of course, Feng Xiaoting is also a good leader, two people have a" ()相关的主题文章: