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"Cannibal island" hair character posters cannibal first appeared rattan entertainment news by Tencent, Yang Kaidi Xie Bo, Lou Qi, Wu Di, Yang Di, Jin Jing and many other small meat starring sci-fi horror film "cannibal island" in December 2nd is about to visit the national cinema. Today, the film side exposed two single character posters, on the cursed Island, killing all the poison ivy is full of up coming, new concept of horror blockbuster movie experience "visual psychological double limit" cannibal island money invite excellent production team behind was completed, as the first domestic in the cannibal islands as the theme of the new the concept of horror blockbuster, combines elements of horror, suspense, bloody murder, zombies have plant science fiction style, the audience will bring a new visual experience and psychological double limit. The film tells the story of what happened a cursed Island terrorist incident: a group of young people were invited to a friend or family member who received the message went to their island, it arrived at the island, the island of missing, found throughout the islands as hell and residents all disappeared, all kinds of strange events emerge in an endless stream. Never mind, they are in the island itself is a living intelligent creatures, they are marching on the island of the esophagus, respectively, have been the island to confuse, killing prey one can escape from the cannibal island? Whirling plot, exciting sound and creative theme, let the science fiction horror movie quickly became the focus of many horror fans attention, before the release before the much anticipated, become a horror movie the most popular Lunar New Year stalls. The role of the poster thriller "ghost village" is the first film producers today released a set of character version of the poster, the poster for the continuation of the role before the release of the poster style, the island plant still become an important element in the poster, abandoned the bloody horror movie posters showing general bold and eerie atmosphere. "The two character posters from the cannibal island" deep psychological character of intentions of the people heart through the eyes and facial expressions of fear. It is reported that the film was shot on location in a village, Shengzhou island northeast facing the sea, but empty, because the village site adjacent to a cemetery, the local people have been accustomed to be called the eastern islands first "ghost village", the story is based on the local legend. The science fiction horror movie "cannibal island" by the Henan film and television production Group Co. Ltd., Henan film studio, Henan film and television production issue Group Co. Ltd. and Henan Yue Shan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Beijing based film culture media Co. issued publicity, Henan film and television production group jointly issued the film co..相关的主题文章: