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E.merce It is a widely truth that the cellphones that we use every day give out radiation. The general view is that this kind of radiation is too small to cause much negative consequences. The radiation is one of the .mon stuff which can lead to cancer. After all, every day, we are exposed on the radiation exuding from the phones, which cling to us closely wherever we go. There is a latest survey showing that 50 minute of calling with the phone will affect the working of the part of our brain closest to the phone, and the cell phone radiation now has been pigeonholed as potential carcinogen. So despite there is not any case which points out that phone radiation can cause cancer, we can at least pay more attention to this part and avoid to the exposure to this radiation as much as possible. It now seems impossible for us to use our cell phone little since it is not practical at all. The cell phone now has played a more and more important role in our life than ever before. The only way that we can think of is to lower down further the radiation given out by the cell phone. So is there any good way to do that? The mobile phone cases, the must-have phone accessories for most of the smartphone users, are possibly able to .e as a rescue, just as you are most likely to equip your new iPhone with a proper iPhone 4S case . A cell phone accessories maker from Australia claims to have designed out a new phone case which is able to reduce the radiation and improve the functionality of the phone. Whats more, this new phone case is .patible with most of the smartphones in the market. When you are making calls with your phone, most of the radiation from the cell phone will be absorbed by your brain and body. This special mobile phone cases are able to redirect this radiation and let it get away from the users. In so doing, the anti-cancer phone cases can help the users to avoid the 90% radiation from the phone. So it is still unclear whether everything is trustable, but it is time that we should think about this seriously. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: