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"Call of duty 13" PC graphics configuration: conscience eat hard "call of duty 13" is scheduled to be launched in November 4th this year, now Steam discloses the game configuration requirements, but only the minimum configuration, are as follows: System: Windows 7, 64 CPU: core I3 3225, 3.3Ghz memory: 8GB graphics: GTX 660 or HD 7850. 2GB DX:11: 70G 70G, hard disk space is only COD13, containing COD4 remake of the Legendary Edition package also need 50G space. Other configuration, compared to previous generations "Black Ops 3" does not have what change, GTX 6607850 is measured "battlefield 1" 1080P Full HD 30 frames per request. "Call of duty 13: Infinite War" is produced by Infinity Ward, the game will play a game player named Reyes captain, is also a member of the Tier 1 special action pilot, you will be driving the last one the only battleship "the punisher". In the game Reyes will lead the Confederate forces to fight against a ruthless enemy. It is reported that the single player campaign will lead players through the solar system, in addition to the location of the earth, as well as space, to experience a large-scale war". The new Zombie mode will have a new story, unique gameplay features and mechanisms.相关的主题文章: