Cadillac racing is known as the highest tech car

DPi-V.R car shows Cadillac’s manufacturing skill and technical strength, it has many similarities with the consumer use of Cadillac.

two generations of cars like different. When a new generation grew up, four wheel carriages and small trucks out. Now luxury buyers will not buy land yacht. Cadillac has developed a prototype sports car, this car can only hope it is reminiscent of a large wagon used to give meaning to older, more cars, because of this, the car is not just a sports car that has the advantages of simple production, it is a manifesto.

Although the

sports car is a Dallara LMP2 prototype, but it must have a Cadillac style. Cadillac chief creative officer Dillon Bbu Lansky. (Dillon Blanski) recently accepted the media interview, he revealed some of the details, this car will be in the Daytona 24 on Rolex (Daytona). Most of the pictures in this article are the design of the car.

DPi-V.R racing will participate in the IMSA WeatherTech sports car championship, it is necessary to prove to the world: Cadillac is changing from the couch on the wheel (emphasis on luxury) to the future of science and technology transfer. Recently, in the Pirelli world challenge (Pirelli World Challenge) on Cadillac with 5 titles, the car is based on CTS-V and ATS-V platform, the DPi-V.R prototype however completely different.

in the prototype concept car, you can see a lot of innovative concepts, these concepts can not be seen on the road car temporarily. Prototype car also seems to contain the concept of car elements, if the car is practical, you can drive, can win the championship, the future can boast of the enterprise, with a victory to prove the technology of the car is very powerful.

Cadillac DPi-V.R is a racing car, the purpose of manufacturing is very simple: it wants to participate in the highest level of North American rally. This weekend, DPi-V.R will challenge the championship.

Bbu Lansky said, about a year ago, the exterior design team began to participate in the Cadillac racing team at IMSA has identified the basic shape and packing the car. However, the IMSA Dpi equation allows Cadillac to modify the drive system and visual components to facilitate the company to display the brand. The new car is equipped with a more powerful V8 engine, Cadillac’s mission is to make the car more like Cadillac".


design team is developing a prototype car new, while also developing road car, the beginning, the designer draws many blueprints, many design elements can prove that it is a modern Cadillac car.

Bbu Lansky explains that the "surface language" and "