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Buyer: rice cooker must also have "firewood" against common sense – court: new network         Zhaoqing Guangzhou daily news (reporter Yu Ganyong correspondent Li Ying, Liang Yueting) Jingdong mall provoked a lawsuit in Zhaoqing, a customer in the rice cooker to cook beauty using the sales platform when no "firewood". Recently, Fengkai county court heard the case of shopping contract disputes according to law, dismissed the plaintiff’s claim.             plaintiff:     and the seller does not match the description of         in April this year, Fengkai Mr. Michael bought a rice cooker in the price of 299 yuan in the mall Jingdong. Mr. Mak received the electric cooker, the rice cooker is not like "propaganda described" a key firewood meal "and" the original ecological health process firewood most fragrant rice as high-end, also have never seen any "firewood". Then Dongguan Trading Co., a Jingdong and Jingdong mall online shopping platform operators of Beijing Jingdong a Agel Ecommerce Ltd to refund the purchase price, the payment of three times the loss of compensation and an apology, but was rejected.         therefore, Mr. Mak will both to Fengkai County court. Mr. Mak believes that two defendants fraud false propaganda, in violation of the provisions of the "consumer protection law" article twentieth, and the two defendants to use the most advanced in terms of "the most fragrant firewood meal" propaganda, in violation of the provisions of the People’s Republic of China "advertisement law" article ninth.             defendant:     on the basis of propaganda does not constitute fraud         the Dongguan Jingdong a trade Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jingdong, a Agel Ecommerce Ltd argued that: first, the supply of goods producers have legal subject qualification, and the quality of goods qualified products, also did not cause any damage to the plaintiff; second, the merchandise can not meet the fraud liability elements, and publicity page clear detailed product information model, capacity, material, inner heating method and its parameters he and other commodities; third, there is a corresponding support firewood meal propaganda technology, not enough to mislead the plaintiff, there are some flaws even in advertising, does not constitute fraud.             court:     advertising is not enough to mislead consumers         Fengkai county court found that the focus of dispute in this case is whether the defendant Dongguan Trading Co., a Jingdong involved in advertising constitute the plaintiff Mr. Mak civil fraud.         ".相关的主题文章: