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Bureau of Statistics: real estate regulation due to the effectiveness of the city to achieve inventory policy effectiveness – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Sha Lu) yesterday morning, the National Bureau of Statistics announced in 2016 the national economy in August. The people most concerned about the real estate market, the State Statistical Bureau spokesman, the Comprehensive Economic Statistics Division Sheng Yun introduced, real estate stocks continue to decline, a decrease of 6 consecutive months of commercial housing sale area; real estate market differentiation adjustment is the main tone in a period of adjustment, the policy must be the policies applied by the city. National Bureau of statistics released data show that in August there are many positive changes. Sheng Yun through "ten highlights" were analyzed and explained, including industrial rebound, August above scale industrial added value growth rate picked up 0.3 percentage points higher than last month; investment growth showed signs of stabilization; consumption and exports rebounded, import growth from negative to positive employment; overall stability; "three to one drop fill" continue to achieve new results. "Overall, the main index of national economy improved in August, further promote structural adjustment, accelerate the growth of emerging energy, economic development showed positive changes." But Sheng Yun also pointed out, but also to see the domestic and international environment is still complicated and grim, there are still many unstable and uncertain factors, the economy has stabilized the foundation is not solid. Keywords employment 31 survey of urban unemployment rate rose slightly in August, according to the Ministry of human resources and social data, 1 million 130 thousand new urban jobs, a total of 1-8 months to reach 9 million 480 thousand people, accounting for nearly 95% of the annual target, the 31 big city survey of urban unemployment rate despite a slight rebound, but basically stabilized at around 5.1%. In the downward pressure on the economy, to the production capacity increase case, Sheng Yun believes that the employment situation is better than expected performance, both factors of economic operation of the inherent demand side and the supply side, there is a positive employment policy role. China’s economy, including the employment situation will continue to remain stable in the future." According to its introduction, although the growth rate of GDP has dropped, but the incremental growth of wealth created by GDP is expanded, the basic demand for labor has not reduced. At the same time, in recent years, China’s industrial structure from the original industry led to the transformation of the service industry, the whole economy of employment elasticity. From the supply side perspective, the number of young labor resources in the fall, 16-59 year old working age population annually in recent years by 3 million to about 4 million people, the labor market supply and demand pressures eased, conducive to the survey unemployment rate remained relatively stable. In addition, there are the relationship between innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples and promote government. Keywords real estate a second city rising momentum has been checked data display, 1-8 month national commercial housing sales area of 874 million 510 thousand square meters, an increase of 25.5%, of which residential area sales growth of 25.6%. National commercial housing sales 66623 yuan, an increase of 38.7%, of which residential sales grew by 40.1%. Sheng Yun analysis, 8 at the end of 5 million 120 thousand square less than 7 at the end of commercial housing sale area.相关的主题文章: